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  1. Nice day on the bay. A little bit of everything. Hope all enjoyed.
  2. Great concern for you personal safety. Sooner you get back to the dock, the safer you will be. When I saw that in the SIs it was a head scratcher.
  3. Of if that same person is even just a little enlightened (they usually aren't) there are not as much punished as they are continually more challenged.
  4. But they are fun. The best parts are sailing to places (the Brothers) that are not an every weekend location like Harding, Blackaller or Blossom. It does require you do a little more pre-work, and you don't always have the obvious plays everyone gets used to sailing on the central bay.
  5. http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?10452-SSS-Corinthian-2021-A-Fond-Farewell-To-February
  6. Pretty sure Alan was referring to going through Racoon on the way back form SH. We rounded a bit before 2pm. Definitely more current in Racoon, but I was concerned about breeze in the straights. Talking to two guys that went that way near the same time we went for Blunt, they said it was pretty much one port tack most of the way ,light at the exit, transition to the westerly then flop over to stbd and lay Little Harding.
  7. We had a Moore 24 round a few lengths in front of us. We went around Blunt, they went through Racoon Straights. They rounded little Harding a good 10 minutes in front of us. Like so much midwinter racing, often not as much where you went, as when you went.
  8. Getting around Southampton ahead of the fray was a blessing.
  9. Was definitely a bit of everything.
  10. Didn't Deaver do that first on the Cal 33 Counterpoint?
  11. This. Find a therapist that specializes in vertigo treatment. My wife is a PT, and got the training. She was able to help many people. Its not 100% guaranteed. As I understand it, inner ear issues are typically the source. There are exercises you can do with specific head and body movements that can have a positive impact. ,
  12. Was disappointed to see that, but I can understand. What I am less fond of is this idea that there is some promised event in four weeks. Would have preferred more time to align schedules
  13. After it came up from halfway over it was halfway down.
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