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  1. That is prob far better for your body than ragdoll on wire.
  2. There seems some general agreement in this thread that this type of hiking is net negative. How do we put the genie Back in the bottle for handicap racing?
  3. Am now on day 8 in the hospital after going to the ER and being diagnosed with an intestinal blockage. CT scans showed scarring of my small intestine that created a restriction and subsequently a blockage. I would not wish this level of pain and outcome to anyone. The GI specialist and surgeon were perplexed as to what caused this. I have none of the prior indicators (previous abdominal surgery, trauma etc). I am reasonably healthy in every other way according to my bloodwork and other tests. Do need to drop some lbs. otoh, not eating for these past 8 days has been a good kickstart.
  4. thanks for sharing, that was fun good to see a young Bob
  5. And why were some of the dudes in the video wearing helmets?
  6. Lots of good info in this thread. I am a huge fan of Prusa printers. You pay a bit more, but you spend your time printing and not futzing with the printer. As above there is almost no end to the parts you can make for the boat, and also around the house, etc etc. Lots of good ready to go designs on thingiverse.com. I even found a stripper guide for a 1990' Barbarosa/Harken self tailor to fix one of our winches. I print most boat parts using PETG. I have not had any issues with UV or otherwise. I find it easier to print than ASA. Does not require an enclosure and does not put off as much to
  7. Terrible news worked with him for many years at North, always a stand up honest and descent guy. Big loss to the community.
  8. Forester sounds like the right fit. The latest models with the large touchscreens may be not quite right though. Subaru has a long ways to go on getting the UX sorted out. I miss physical buttons for simple things like seat heat, AC, fan etc. All the new safety features are Ok, but they end up being near as much distraction as assistance. Would worry they may cause more stress than help. if you can find a 2018 at a good price grab it.
  9. They don't do the mast any favors either. They were effective in their day, but there are better alternatives now.
  10. Same here. Masthead 25 footer with a 155 Genoa. Set out of the hatch over the sheets. We find it key to grab the kite out of the launch bag, and onto the side deck then get the tack of the kite at least past the shrouds prior to hoist. Don’t o erase the Genoa.
  11. The wordy bullshit has gotten very old. Yeah, we’re fun, irreverent and anti establishment woo fucking hoo. But you read the daily reports and really get no clue what is really going on out on the course from a competitive standpoint.
  12. Have used compute sticks a fair amount at work a few years back, digital signage, environment monitoring for systems that required Win 7 then later Win 10. Biggest limitation we saw was lack of memory for Windows. We did not need to connect many peripherals, but the devices are starved for io ports as well. We took a few and moved them to Linux, and that worked far better for apps that could run on Linux. I would choose a Nuc if W10 was a requirement or a raspi 4 if Linux can work. I think either would be far better than a compute stick.
  13. Cheep instruments most often = in garbage in, garbage out.
  14. If you are looking to sense lifts and headers magnetic is the way. Yes, if you cross a current line, it may change apparent wind strength and even apparent wind direction, but overall you want magnetic for shifts. COG is key for tracking to a mark. I find COG more valuable if you have a magnetic reference. You can then detect impact of crossing a current line. We sail in SF bay and have one of the new Prostarts. We have it set to magnetic and then use a garmin watch for COG. Has worked well for us. Really pleased with the Prostart instrument I do wish we could set the Prostart to e
  15. Nice day on the bay. A little bit of everything. Hope all enjoyed.
  16. Great concern for you personal safety. Sooner you get back to the dock, the safer you will be. When I saw that in the SIs it was a head scratcher.
  17. Of if that same person is even just a little enlightened (they usually aren't) there are not as much punished as they are continually more challenged.
  18. But they are fun. The best parts are sailing to places (the Brothers) that are not an every weekend location like Harding, Blackaller or Blossom. It does require you do a little more pre-work, and you don't always have the obvious plays everyone gets used to sailing on the central bay.
  19. http://www.pressure-drop.us/forums/content.php?10452-SSS-Corinthian-2021-A-Fond-Farewell-To-February
  20. Pretty sure Alan was referring to going through Racoon on the way back form SH. We rounded a bit before 2pm. Definitely more current in Racoon, but I was concerned about breeze in the straights. Talking to two guys that went that way near the same time we went for Blunt, they said it was pretty much one port tack most of the way ,light at the exit, transition to the westerly then flop over to stbd and lay Little Harding.
  21. We had a Moore 24 round a few lengths in front of us. We went around Blunt, they went through Racoon Straights. They rounded little Harding a good 10 minutes in front of us. Like so much midwinter racing, often not as much where you went, as when you went.
  22. Getting around Southampton ahead of the fray was a blessing.
  23. Didn't Deaver do that first on the Cal 33 Counterpoint?
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