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  1. Hey just checking in...yep, just as I thought, nothing has changed.
  2. "Possible" and "Practical" hold very different meanings as it pertains to finite enforcement budgets. Ms. Ngyuen will be prosecuted, and maybe found guilty by her peers. But as it pertains to the spirit of a law as a deterent against such criminal violence, 2 firefighters are dead, and 4 other innocent persons shot.
  3. According to the article, she was to be arraigned yesterday. Seems like she will most likely lose the case, especially in light of her lie about the guns being stolen. So a person being prosecuted and convicted for straw buying is evidence that the straw buying laws are unenforceable, just like the same thing happening to the Fast and Furious straw buyers and many others? The prosecutor says there is no evidence she suspected his intent, but she's still the example cited in calling for a new 25 year maximum sentence for those who do? She's facing up to ten years and a quarter milli
  4. ...alternatively, we can have highly paid lobbyists create practically unenforceable laws, pass them to GOP ninnies with a big check, to preserve the status quo, and blame-shift to law enforcement. http://youtu.be/KINQSpGFFo4
  5. More on the legal ineffectiveness of current gun regulation law and the 'distinction between a gun dealer, a private purchase and a strawman purchases'. (In other words, how the Gun Lobby contorts US law with loopholes protecting the status quo, subsequently blame-shifting back to 'enforcement'.) Gotta keep selling the precious....remember: the boogeyman is hiding in the bushes-I'll tell you one thing; he's not getting the TV set.
  6. Everywhere? Private citizen to private citizen, like in Arizona? Our laws distinguish between those involved in the business of selling weapons and those not involved in that business.
  7. Oh, *that* old chestnut...(Did we translate the 2nd yet?)
  8. I buy soap and doritos at Walmart, and am *RABID/nearly religious* about the origin of my purchases. The car is European. Family purchases are not always American, but generally EU or of NAFTA/America's in provenance. I buy produce locally. My most recent purchase? Johnston and Murphy and Ecco shoes, manufactured in Brazil and European country (forgot). I looked at Clarkes shoes, but they were all made in China, and were of inferior quality, style and design. Furniture is commissioned by local and regional artists. Not BS'ing you on any of this, BTW.
  9. Yeah, I can blame them. First, corporations have been sitting on hords of cash for about 2 decades. The strategy has been off-shoring (i.e. job-killing) and supplying cheap goods to drive the US retail economy. This is ultimately self-defeating. Re-purposed, the task of deriving corporate profits mostly from China's growth into the first world to sustain growth in the long-term is a promise built upon shifting and corruptable sands, especially if US consumers dont want to buy anything new, and are unemployed. The fact is that a higher percentage of cash across many parts of the corp
  10. Do you think that either party represents the interest of anyone but the rich? One is just more open and honest about it than the other. Mythology of the poor thinking they are middle class, American Dream, and trickle down/off-shoring job crap perpetuating the royal scam that allows me to essentially distill hard earned cash from those less fortunate than myself. Corporations are sitting on historic piles of cash, and actual unemployment is around 12%, whille all the time, we hitch our economic wagon to the success of a Communist rival. What a country.
  11. Imagine a sinister motive behind the return deposit program. IMAGINE it! I hear some Obama scammers are collecting bottles in NY and returning them using government property in Michigan for a 100% profit. The Postmaster General is covering this up!.
  12. More stunning than a forgotten bag of return deposit bottles!
  13. Inhibiting preparation to defend yourself is inhibiting your second amendment right to defend yourself, should the need arise. DC's purpose in erecting barriers to gun acquisition is to continue their unconstitutional gun ban closed registry by "opening" the registry in name only, not in fact. Keep fighting the good fight, Tom. It drives the discussion back to what Scalia said in the Heller decision, which is that the door remains open for the Supreme Court to address in a future case what limitations on Second Amendment rights are considered “permissible.” (Be careful what you wish
  14. The Republicans paid good money for those signs. yes, they did. Nothing like a PSA that states the truth. Why would it possibly dissuade black voters from going to the booth? that's what I don't get - they're good people who just trying to get by like everybody else.. What is this expectation based on? Intimidation. It was absolute in the way it backfired, and likely caused some lasting harm to the GOP for those instigating such a short-sighted action. After the election even the GOP acknowledged the loose cannon hyperbole rolling out of control isn't in the long-te
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