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  1. Just loved the video. I can relate to this video because the first two times on a boat I had to get rescued and towed in. 15 years later won a Hobie Cat world title Keep going you never know where you will end up. Keep the adventure alive!
  2. Great news, from my experience of Evil Gnome they are a great size boat and they really go hard. I don't understand why everyone is fighting over building f 22's and f 33's when the F85 is neglected. Soon you will be doing this
  3. Usually we are going quite fast in stronger winds so the water pressure stops them going up and down easily, unless you have a frame and pulley setup like the Sailgp boats. That's my thinking anyway. Great picture!
  4. The family are already putting the pressure on me to go again next year and I have a crew member that will do the drive with me. So you never know. Evil Gnome might return!
  5. Great week of racing with a good mix of wind, courses, currents and races. Airlie Beach is a good place to lose your crew at night time, which happened regularly, but they turned up every morning for the 8.30 coffee call.I think the term is feeling a bit crusty. Special mention to the committee for a good time. Liked the idea in the morning of getting an SMS for the classes and courses and time to start but especially liked the SMS sign on asking you whether you intended to sail and how many crew onboard. Instantaneous and job done and out of the way. Also after the first day the re
  6. Being a novice at this if I can't store my trailer at the marina then yes this would be helpful. Getting very close now and getting the boat off the water from Wangi, there are many things to do more than I thought. Did I say again that I HATE SEAGULLS! As far as the battle of the gnomes go, will GOOD beat EVIL? Getting excited now but not looking forward to the drive, only 20 hours solo.
  7. Evil Gnome is on it's way. Always wanted to do Airlie but something always came up, not this year. Looked at Hammo as well but way too expensive.
  8. Really like the rear section of the floats, should stop the squatting effect in breeze that Farriers/Corsairs have done in the past. Good luck with the project!
  9. It would be nice if the Farrier website was updated and more frequently as a lot of people like to see what is making news in Farrier land.
  10. Evil Gnome F85sr Main about 12m luff and quite flat Mast 12.8 m double spreader 190 aluminium wing with reinforcing stiffener in mast from bottom spreader up from Alyachts. Running backstays 3.0 metre foot 1.8 metre square top head Mainsheet 7;1 but run through 40:1 Harken winch and give it heaps 24:1 downhaul Had to reinforce the traveller support beam and have a Harken 3:1 traveller about 1 metre long as we are nearly always creating apparent wind. Then chase the loads and reinforce what needs it. It all depends on how hard you want to push
  11. They are heaps better still a bit to go so I will muck around in winter and do some more work, well worth doing.
  12. Evil Gnome finished, line honours 12 hours and first on handicap one lap dash, still had things go wrong, tramp came out of the track on one side early on, jib block attachment broke and had to be tied on but that was all. This is the hardest inshore race in Australia and even doing the 12 hour we got battered, rained on, near lightning strikes, wind squalls from the storms and at the start super hot and no wind, we had it all, the 24 hour guys just double that. Half way through the race we had to round a buoy at the southern end of the lake and down there was a nasty storm, so we had to ge
  13. Did you build your rudders Clive or are they recycled from a cat?Wayne They are the 85 rudders about 200mm shorter, why because the one that broke I added a bit inside the casting so the load point was not on the exit of the casting, i'll get a measurement of their length ewhen the boat gets home, it's having a short holiday in Wangi waiting for next weekends Heaven Can Wait 12 hour race, also did a bearing on the last trip home from wangi, boat stayed together, trailer broke
  14. Evil Gnome is halfway between Mad Hatters long cabin and the short day sailing one, mine is built with E glass and epoxy with carbon where the plans specify.
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