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  1. Sail on Laurie Davidson. From the owner of Chapter Four, a Davidson designed 780 class built at Franklins in 1985.
  2. They said a bilge pump weighed too much and this was easier"
  3. You are correct, on all counts, it is a lovely place to sail. Can be challenging too, headlands and tide make it an ever changing tactical race course.
  4. Correct bay, wrong bit of land.
  5. Hint: My regular club sailing spot, within 2 hours drive of Melbourne.
  6. Portland Head Light, Maine
  7. Shopping the venue is traitorous IMHO. The defender should ALWAYS defend on home waters, no ifs, no buts.
  8. This has to be lowest point in the history of this once proud team, 2003 and 2013 included. So the money offered by the government and council wasn't enough. They've got a decent head start on the competition and enough time to rattle the tins - that has always been GD's forte. I'd rather see them put up a spirited low budget defence in Te Rehutai than shop the venue. GD has now sunk to the ranks of Wussel and Ernesto, everything he claimed to represent in the AC has now gone out the window. Very disappointing, I hope they lose, I don't care who wins.
  9. If you're wanting a Spinaker, go 505. If not, Tasar.
  10. I've watched the videos a few times, back when it happened and just now again. There's a lot of leeward heel angle also before the rudder loses grip. When you think of the geometry of the foil and their locations, heeling to leeward creates a pitch up position. Campbell was probably doing all he could to keep it down. Watching the video you can actually see they sail a decent way with the boat heeling to leeward and then the rudder lets go. So who's to blame - the flight controller who couldn't control the pitch, the mainsheet trimmer and jib trimmer for not depowering the boat and
  11. Blaming Campbell is very unfair, it wasn't him who put Patriot in that position, it was Hutch and Barker (and I am a Hutch fan by the way). Goodison called it - it was going to be a "very hard manouvre" and he told them twice. Just for reference, he's an Olympic gold medalist and a 3 times Moth World Champion, and they ignored his advice as the tack-bearaway was tactically a better option. That manouvre is pretty straight forward in a TP52, but not so easy in a high performance foiling boat. The rudder stalled which caused the pitch up, not Campbells lack of action or skill. Once th
  12. But LR have one of their helmsman in the game, free of charge.
  13. This ^ I previously sailed Hobie 16s and in Aus, that means there's a fair chance you're going to come across a world champ or two in your travels. In a one race, interclub challenge, we had 1 world champ and 2 national champs in the fleet of 30 - I came 2nd that day to the current WC, and I will brag about it until the day I die
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