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  1. I think you'd be very happy with the 36.7. It has a wonderful interior for cruising (better than 109 or 10R), is very easy to sail single handed, and is quite hard to beat for the price. We have an older one ('02) and touch wood she's been problem free for us. There are a good number of 36.7s that have been converted to masthead asyms; it's a very straight forward job (most are using Trogear) and all the owners are super happy with it. Even though you don't plan to race much, there is an active class full of great people who are more than happy to help a new owner get their boat sor
  2. I own a 36.7 and occasionally sail on and always sail against 109s. A lot of great points above. Love the 36.7 but the 109 is also a great boat and I'd be happy to have one, but no way are they worth 50% (and up) more.
  3. What cruising cats besides Gunboats, some HH's, and Atlantic's have a forward cockpit/helm? It looks like a great feature to me, would love to know any of your impressions.
  4. I've been seeing iPads on top racing boats from Hugo Boss to Figaro 3's. I didn't see any laptops or or Windows tablets on Hugo so I don't think he's using remote desktop. Can anyone guess what apps he is using or is it something custom from Nokia? What about the Figaro's?
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