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  1. only if they have huddles on the bow after every mark rounding and then high five each other across the pole. that and at least a 3% reduction in IRC rating for entertaining the fleet. there needs to be structure
  2. imagine how upset poor Doey is going to be when he finds out Australians don't need a visa for the US
  3. the bloke sitting down on the left doesn't agree with you
  4. Evo


    The Living Will Last night we were sitting in the living room with mum and she said to us " I never want to live in a vegetative state, dependant on some machine and fluids from a bottle. If that ever happens, just pull the plug" So I got up, umplugged the computer and threw out her wine she called me a bastard
  5. dunno Jim but ya just cast a dark spectre over Wednesday night RMYC races. gonna tell Parrey to finish astern of you at all times now
  6. yeah...this one is difficult to understand. There have been enough arseholes in this place using a screen name to display their lack of testicles through bitter attack....finding out who they are would be more useful than un masking one of the decent posters here. Don't let the fact that outing someone here can be a bootable offence worry the mob. Left Poof....don't do a sailing kr8 and make it all about your attentionwhore self. If snaggs doesn't want folk to know who he is....fair enough. the only person he upsets is espo...who needs upsetting coz espo's a douche
  7. so you made a thread about it in SA?
  8. congrats SC...it's a great shot mate.
  9. Evo


    errr...not to cast nasturtiums Mr BK...but does this mean you are a fat arsed, clueless ranga? it's unclear to me what you are saying there
  10. Evo

    espo is a dick

    you should fit right in with these two part timers then TA One is a guinea that hates sailing and prefers to beat people in the head with baseball bats...the other is an IRA hitman who takes photos and has mates who tried to blow up grandma. all yours. have fun
  11. Evo

    espo is a dick

    internet tough guy too? say it isn't so
  12. Evo

    espo is a dick

    aye...the devil's own no doubt
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