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  1. 16kts on both my B25 and Hot Foot Sustained 14ish on the B and 12ish on the Hot Foot. Both boats had second generation rudder so very good control especially the B. Could have sat back and enjoyed a rum. Hot Foot big fun but needed more focus from me and the crew.
  2. This may sound crazy but worked for my Hot Foot 20. I was also no longer racing the boat at a high level of competitiveness so figured I would give this idea a try. I had damaged the leading and trailing edges of the keel raising, launching etc. I repaired it a couple or times but eventually it took on enough water to split due to winter freezing. I repaired and sealed everything up and then had a crazy idea. I bot some water proof gorilla tape that said it would stick underwater. I covered the leading and trailing edges with the tape to protect from future damage and to add a
  3. Please reread my initial post. I have a Hot Foot 20 now. Not looking to go smaller.
  4. Dried out and ready for winter storage. Only damage lost windex. Not a bad outcome. Thinking about the Double Damed for next year. Don't think any Canadians have done the Double Damed yet. Will hit the pool 3 x per week all winter to be in top shape in case my little boat breaks apart and crew has to swim for shore. Not sure the old girl could take 40 miles of wave jumping if it was a big wind race.
  5. If I had any Lake Room I would have turned down and would have went for a speed record. Problem wasthe lee shore was not far with lots of rocks in that area. My best option was to beam reach into the Marina. Almost made it. And yes I had forgot to lock the hatch when we started out. Was not thinking about it as the wind was light at that time. A locked hatch would have made for a quick recovery, less bailing and I would not have lost any gear. Won't forget to lock the hatch again even when the wind is light. Just something you need to do on a boat of this nature. If you check sail dat
  6. I have found a way to fark up any foil I have owned so I prefer hanks
  7. Did you ever find a Hot Foot? Could be talked out of mine right now for $4500. Over all very good condition. Of course it could use sails. It could also use a bottom job to put it in top notch race condition. What I mean is sand the bottom, epoxy it, do a little failing if you have those skills. Not hard to do on a Hot Foot as you can turn it upside down or lean it up against a wall rather than under it up on a lift. My name is Jim. Phone 403 347 6557
  8. Good advice. At the time of the knock down I was flogging the main. Being Healed exposed a lot of free board as well. The gust was huge. Yes one more crew of decent size probably would have saved the day. I would have had that person standing on the gunnell hanging off the shroud. This person might have been able to quickly climb out on the keel as well.
  9. I included a picture of me being happy to have not lost my emergency shitter lid that fits on a 3 or 5 gallon pail. Expected this to provoke a little jockularity. I am in my mid sixties and you know at this age somedays the only heads up you get to a fast approaching emergency is a couple of farts.
  10. I should conclude by saying that the Hot Foot 20 is great bang for the buck for anyone who likes to plane. I bot this boat with decent sails for $6000. I now have lost 2 windexs in 6 years and that is it for breakage. I keep it on a mooring ball so very little expense there. Boat does not owe me anything now even if it gets destroyed someday.
  11. Steam Flyer, the big problem here was I was forced to beam reach to make the Marina entrance channel. The gust that knocked me down was huge. I have sailed this little boat upwind for miles with a reefed main in plus 20 with gusts over 30 with no problems. Downwind in the big stuff is a blast. Once you are planing the loads get light and you just keep going faster The faster you go the more stable the boat feels. Just need to focus on boat balance especially through a jibe. Keep the boat flat and balanced upwind and down and the boat performs great in big breeze. No need for more buoyan
  12. It was pretty much full of water but did not sink. Has some built in flotation.
  13. You Vancouver Island Sailors might Know my Hot Foot. It's first name was AJ for Adrenaline Junky. Don't know the original owner. I am the 3rd or 4th of owner. Have owned several small keel boats Inc B25, Santana 23 and a 20, Capri 22. SJ 21. Also previously owned another Hot Foot named Gonzo. Love planing at 10 plus on the Hot Foot. The Double Damed is still on my bucket list.
  14. Just finished a pleasant spinnaker run in about 12 knots. Looked like we were about to get rained on. Decided to head for the Marina. We were a few minutes away when a huge storm front wind came roaring down the lake. We were on a beam reach about 2 minutes from the Marina when we got knocked down very hard. The boat tried to turtle but stuck the mast in the mud. Myself and my one crew had been tossed into the lake. Luckily a power boat picked us out of the very cold water within 5 minutes. I thought at the very least my mast would be destroyed. The blast was over as quick as it came. A f
  15. Should have said Watson. My bad.
  16. Yahoo! Found a new Gps module plugged it in and my RockBox is working. Faster in picking up satellites than new. $40 fix. Google is a champ sometimes.
  17. Tried everything. Think it is farked although everything works except it will not connect. Probably needs a new gps thingy. Was hoping to find a way to talk to the Rock City Marine Guys to see if they had ideas before I deep six it. I have had a good run with it. At least 12 years. Don't know what I should replace it with. My 20yr old Tactic died last fall as well. I am thinking maybe 2 Velocitic pucks, one left on speed and the other on heading to replace both. Don't need anything more than speed and heading and like big didgets.
  18. Any body know what happened to the Rock Box guys? My Rock Box won't lock onto the satellites any more. Just says Tuning until it gives up and powers down. Any ideas?
  19. No, not the whacky stuff we like to smoke here up north. The 2 marinas on our prairie lake have developed a weed overgrowth problem. Every sail and power boat leaving the marinas drag a big clump of weeds out into the lake with them. If the wind is lite these clumps just float around the lake just waiting to wrap themselves around my Hot Foot 20s keel. We had a 4 race regatta a couple of weeks ago and I managed to collect a gift of said weed 3 of the 4 races. Not good. What to do? Sell my Hot Foot and buy a boat with a keel that can be lifted under way like an S2 or Santana
  20. Yes I need to take a J70 for a sail to experience it first hand. I cant see it being fast upwind. My Hot Foot has the same upwind sail area and is 600 lbs lighter
  21. What would you think your cut down sail area is and how does the boat handle and perform?
  22. Yes thinking about simply using smaller sails for short handed day sailing / wed nite beer can racing as well. Would just have to get used to sailing around looking like I have a reef in all the time. With a decent sized backstay flicker one could probably fit in a smaller square top. Anyway probably better idea than buying a orphan sportie that never achieves any significant numbers.
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