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  1. So this might be a goofy idea so flame me if you need to. I just turned 65 but still fit and able. I currently own and sail a Hot Foot 20. I down sized from a B25 to reduce the need for crew . Finding the Hot Foot a little small but still want exciting sailing. If I find the Hot Foot small then that rules out all of the newer 20 footish sporties . What if I purchased a Melges 24 and bot a shorter rig to reduce the upwind sail area to about 300 square foot. I of course would swap the original rig back on if I were to compete in any Melges events or any serious PHRF regatta. The idea being
  2. Hot Foot 20 Glenmore Reservoir Oct Racing
  3. Need a keel hoist, I have one, pics available at some point. Cost only shipping from wisconsin. Sailed windsurfers on Cold Lake ages ago!

  4. Hi Jim,

    Thanks for the information. I will send along the info that has been shared. No one has started a class on this boat? Probably too few to make it worthwhile - I agree 100% on how Beiley should have made it a bulb keel and changed the sail plan. I have the last hull built, number 50.

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    A Dutchman from Innisfail, Alberta came into the local pub with a big grin on his face anxious to tell his buddies about his most recent sex experience. Tells his buddies he was walking along the railroad tracks when he came upon a young lady tied to the tracks just like in the movies. He untied her and took her home. They had sex all over the house. Him on top , her on top, doggy style etc. This went on all day. One of his buddies gets very interested and asks him if she was pretty. The Dutchman responds, I don't know - I never did find her head.
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