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  1. Out of interest, who is paying for the two-boat 11th hour campaign. Doesn't seem to have a proper sponsor and I am not sure what a billionaire would be getting out of it. At least the Russians who seem to have cornered the big boat market (Commanche, Skorpios etc) get to sit near the back and see their cash float away.
  2. That's about it. Race is struggling to survive without Volvo blowing millions. Delays, change of boats, wish and a hope by bringing in the IMOCA's. Few cities want to pay up and no sponsor, so a long procession around an ice exclusion zone. I have doubts about how many IMOCA'S will play, and without them it is terminal. Mr McIntyre has the mantel.
  3. Though you have to wonder when one of their top spooks defects to Canada and then calls his ex-boss a psychopath who ordered a journalist to be dismembered.
  4. What is the nationality clause on sailing crew? I thought they had to have residential status from April 2021 unless it was a new emerging nation team. Or do we wait until the Protocol is published on 17th November and then any rationality clause for crew will not kick in until, say January 2022 or even later? I guess they would need to give crew up to six months to make their moves. Unless Ineos and ETNZ want to play the home advantage and prevent non nationals moving around.
  5. The race village/team bases should be better in Valencia as there is a large protected harbour. I think they have issues with shore space in Ireland. Also berthing for superyachts and availability of hotel rooms. As for the on-the-water racing I am not sure which would be best in terms of wind, seastate and vague possibility of any shore side viewing possibilities. Can anyone with local knowledge of both venues (like Marcus Hutchinson if he is lurking) give a considered opinion?
  6. I see he he has now changed his AC37 choice to Valencia. I guess at least an improvement on his Saudi campaign and a better choice than Ireland.
  7. "the female athletes were utterly outstanding, advancing sailing stratospherically and thoroughly, wholeheartedly, irreversibly enriching the spectacle. Glass ceilings weren't just smashed but shattered forevermore - it was a watershed moment". Some of magnus's writings throw up some interesting and provocative thoughts, though he does get carried away with hyperbole like the comments above. I do agree however that the Sunday breezy racing in Cadiz was amazing to watch, you have to congratulate the skill and nerve of the crews for (almost) getting the GP50's around the track. MW
  8. Anyone in cadiz who can let us know how the practice racing today went?
  9. Is that the same Chris Bake involved in bribery proceedings oil trading in the US? If so then Sir Ben is a long way away from his claims of being "green" in Bermuda! First the Fracker in chief and now this? "The U.S. unit of the world’s biggest independent oil trader agreed to pay more than $160 million to settle allegations that it conspired to pay bribes in Latin America and attempted to manipulate energy markets, in what’s the most significant anti-corruption case against a commodity trading house in years. Vitol Inc. plotted to pay bribes in Brazil, Mexico and Ecuador, in some c
  10. Reasonable. More wind forecast for Sunday
  11. Some more of the "Brutal" dismissal. " BRUNO DUBOIS: "WE NEED TO BE ABLE TO SHOW AN OTHER FACE" On Monday the French SailGP team announced that they have replaced skipper Billy Besson with 2020 Nacra 17 Olympian Quentin Delapierre. The decision was taken after the Saint-Tropez Grand Prix in which the French finished last. Team manager Bruno Dubois explains the change Tip & Shaft. When and why did you make this decision? It is a decision which was taken after Saint-Tropez. Billy has always said he wanted to be judged on his results. We finished almost last in 2019 (5th
  12. Billy Besson, comment avez-vous appris que l’aventure Sail GP France se terminait pour vous ? Brutalement. Bruno Dubois (directeur du team France) m’a appelé, le mardi matin qui a suivi l’étape de Saint-Tropez pour me dire que j’étais viré. Donc, je lui ai demandé des explications, et ces explications étaient assez vagues. J’ai quand même demandé une confirmation à Russell Coutts (le patron du circuit Sail GP) avec qui j’ai demandé à déjeuner, et il m’a confirmé que Bruno avait son choix, et pris sa décision pour le bien de l’équipe. Cette décision a donc été validée par
  13. Interesting that Billy B in an interview say that his dismissal by Bruno B was "brutal" in french of course. Over the phone I think. Even more interesting is he said he immediately called Wussel to see if that was fair. Clearly Wussel is running all the teams (paying the majority of the costs), so he was the ultimate honcho. All to no avail!
  14. Not sure if it has been explained why INEOS dumped Ben for this as they would have had some cheap pr sponsored by LE. I guess by removing INEOS from the frame it ensured LE picked up the bill once again for team GBR. As for the racing, yes, exciting at times with the start, mark rounding and crosses, otherwise it was all banging the boundaries upwind and down to avoid slow manoeuvres as cats know best. The AC monos at least had the option of covering.
  15. It will be interesting if there are any local videographers taking live footage from the shore. We might find out the results then. Come on one of you Bermudaian locals, break the embargo!
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