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  1. Not sure if it has been explained why INEOS dumped Ben for this as they would have had some cheap pr sponsored by LE. I guess by removing INEOS from the frame it ensured LE picked up the bill once again for team GBR. As for the racing, yes, exciting at times with the start, mark rounding and crosses, otherwise it was all banging the boundaries upwind and down to avoid slow manoeuvres as cats know best. The AC monos at least had the option of covering.
  2. It will be interesting if there are any local videographers taking live footage from the shore. We might find out the results then. Come on one of you Bermudaian locals, break the embargo!
  3. So they are now going to Race Saturday's races today because of potential light winds. However they will not transmit the TV feed or the results until the previously scheduled transmission times on Saturday! Seems such a contrived solution, like trying to make out SailGP has some relevance other than a gravy train for exAC crew and a way for RC to blow loads of LE cash. So will we find out the results today?
  4. Isn't Mills another of Ainslie Cup victims. Didn't he blow a large chunk of his fortune on shipping a load of redundant IAAC yachts and gear from Valencia to Cowes, buy the bad boy a TP52 to play and then found out he would need twin hulls for SF. I guess he is still trying to find a way back in.
  5. Do we believe this? Ratcliffe, worth a reported $34b as founder and co-owner of petrochemicals giant Ineos, said he wouldn’t be funding the deed of gift challenge. “Absolutely not. I want to be clear about that. Because that would be sort of like buying the Cup into the UK and I don't think that's appropriate,” he told The Telegraph.
  6. Probably a ruse by Norths to sell more sails?
  7. As forourselves has noted, a protocol agreed for the current Cup can only set conditions for the current Cup. ETNZ/RNZYS have held the Cup four times, second longest to the NYYC (25). So I am surprised that their lawyers believe they can write a protocol that can bind any challengers to any future Cups. Do they accept that challengers will sign up and then default. If so why write it?
  8. In need of Renne! As a COR hip pocket challenge can the RYS (INEOS) agree terms of a Match (boats, venue, rules etc) with RNZYS that excludes all other challengers? Would such an agreement allow a challenger shut out to appeal to the Arbitration Panel and then NYSC and failing insist on a DoG match. As I understand it a DoG match is one on one (Blue Arrow were excluded in 1988 - just one match at a time allowed). P.S. RNZYS and GD presumably want as many challengers as possible to earn monies in NZ so wouldn't agree to a one on one INEOS match under their COR.
  9. Yes, it would be shortest AC. Makes sense if INEOS want to commercialise. Problem for ETNZ is funding. Also suggests that the venue is no longer for sale to the highest bidder. At least for the Anarchists we will not have such a long wait to see the AC75's again.
  10. LSD say RYS announced COR. Two boat “hype” race around the Isle of Wight between the Defender and Challenger of Record August 2022. This could be intended as a pre-event, much like the America’s Cup World Series, and would help to keep the teams together and ensure some continuity in the event. The Cup itself is anticipated to be held in Auckland again, starting in November 2022 with final March 2023, before the Olympics.
  11. I guess LR and all other challengers could be invited. Imagine it on 20th August 2022. One hundred and seventy first anniversary of the £100 Cup. Amazing publicity coup for INEOS.
  12. Ratcliffe organized a very successful record sub 2 hour marathon in Vienna in 2019. So he knows how to put on a great show. Imagine a match around the island.
  13. So it's on? If ETNZ win? Exclusive race next year around the Isle of Wight. ETNZ vs INEOS, no other challengers allowed. https://www.nzherald.co.nz/sport/americas-cup-2021-team-new-zealand-mulling-unprecedented-option-for-next-americas-cup/RQQMUDZR7YQTDJMUN3C4JE4JLA/
  14. Need a spotter on the ETNZ / RNZYS boat to see where the RYS bodies are.
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