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  1. I sailed an X-99 with the Northeast dealer/importer at the time and it was pretty cool.
  2. Awesome!! https://sailinganarchy.com/2021/04/09/x-marks-the-spot-5/
  3. Bumping in hopes of finding a solution
  4. I always enter the forums and select the "View New Content w/o PA" activity stream. Any post heading I click on brings me to the last post I read. This no longer seems to be working and all topics start at the first post. Any idea how to fix?
  5. I hate PA with a passion but let’s keep bees here for those of us who don’t go to PA. Effing hysterical
  6. I don’t recall, but I’m thinking it’s probably warm from the rotation of the impeller and also being mounted on the engine
  7. I also had a C30 with 5411 and it did not push much water. No heat exchanger.
  8. I watched all of them so far and really like them. Would like to see the boat sailing at some point. How about doing a Catalina 30?
  9. Just bought this one but haven’t used it yet. Anyone have experience? https://www.homedepot.com/p/Troy-Bilt-24-in-208-cc-Two-Stage-Gas-Snow-Blower-with-Electric-Start-Self-Propelled-Storm-2410/305562533
  10. Buy one. Family owns CX-7, CX-9, CX-5 and 6 sedan. Best driving and best looks IMHO.
  11. I had a similar problem recently And found it to be the water pump bearing and shaft was shot.
  12. Thanks Hobot for the best thread on this site.
  13. I'm not much for "reality" TV, but this was somehow unbelievably captivating. What a bunch of personalities and most of them are batshit crazy by their own admission. As Nacradriver said- nobody could make this up.
  14. Fufkin has it right. Buying a canvas cover is the better way to go.
  15. So I am clearly in the minority here. I watched a bit of day 4 today and Read is a big improvement. My comments had nothing to do with the competitors or event organizers And the tone was in line with the general irreverence of this place. I think some of the reactions were a little over the top…
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