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  1. Spotted this on Apollo Duck UK while I should have been working this morning - looks like a single cat hull with some mad foils hanging off the side. The text of the ad is: The only picture attached is this, and here's the link to the ad Anyone know what it is? Was is probably the more accurate description at the moment.
  2. Determined to not shit the bed in this one, can't hack another embarassment like the Nordstream. It's tempting to try lay the top island in tack, what do you all think?
  3. Trying to set waypoints (not timed) to round the island as it will happen very early for this part of the world. They keep deleting/moving. Fuck this shit, if I'm aground when I wake up, so be it.
  4. Sailing perilously close to the shore in an effort to set up well for the reach to mark 2. This can only go well.
  5. Does anyone know if she's still there? Just took a look on Google Maps and can't see anything.
  6. It really hasn't shown itself to be any faster than any other current model IMOCA. It will be a vendee boat, but won't fetch the price his last bus did.
  7. Yeah, generally there's another line you can pull to "trigger" the hook.
  8. Fuck. So close to the finish. Hope all are safe, this is absolutely sickening
  9. Yep true. Now I too am worried
  10. Yeah he'll get back to you in a few.
  11. If that was the case the loads would have went to zero once it broke. They have not. Chill out.
  12. No way, he'll have a team on the boat as soon as he crosses, so will be able to spin her quickly
  13. Why/in what way does a wind sensor correct for heel?
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