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  1. OK.....very nice video, but no useful information. Love to know what is so special about them. Material? Heat/cold treat? Shape? Machining process?
  2. The biggest problem with the C? It is boring as shit downwind. (Whereas the E is fantastic!) Also not real thrilled about gybing in heavy air. Its' best point of sail is a reach. Great ride in a breeze. But since we don't do reaches............
  3. Tara V, womens b-ball coach sails a Lightning. And she is pretty good!
  4. Columbia Carbon 32.......carbon shaft, carbon blade. Sunk like a rock. Luckily at the dock. Had to hire a diver to retrieve it in maybe 16 ft of water.
  5. NYBOZO1


    So I got re-enthused about this thing. Fired it up, did update, went over basic functions. I really do like it. Leeway/Side Slip....apparently still not available or am I somehow missing it?
  6. The problem is he put covid infected patients into nursing homes which spread it very broadly to the other residents. Many extra people died! Can also cite an AP report. A nursing home a couple of miles from me had 30 quick deaths attributable to this action. (and Fred, you have become an abomination. And no, I will not reply to any insults) https://www.radio.com/wben/news/politics/praised-early-in-pandemic-cuomo-now-panned-on-nursing-homes
  7. NYBOZO1


    Thank you for your efforts. By the way, I have no idea who you are. It doesn't matter. Simply......... get the job done.
  8. NYBOZO1


    Is there some reason I should take my Vakaros out of the drawer it has been sitting in for the last 9 months?
  9. In the big war, some were known as "cheese eating surrender monkeys".
  10. Are you aware that as a US citizen, you are not allowed in Canada? You can possibly hire Canadians to take your boat thru and deliver to US, but you can not. Have a friend who did this. Lots of people here in NY can not get to their summer homes or boats in Canada since March. No end in sight.
  11. NYBOZO1


    anybody got a clue if Vakaros has been selling any units?
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