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  1. Yikes that wallet chain is really close to the bike chain. Hope he is an organ donor.
  2. The way the pipes come down in front of the motor looks like you could damage them easily.
  3. Check out the new Honda Monkey
  4. Lokks like you were always a dapper dresser Woodrow....
  5. Lol. We haven’t discussed prices. And BTW does that include a full tank of gas?
  6. I can fly in and ride it home. I don’t know if I would be up to a frog jumping contest on a bike I just threw my leg over for the first time though.
  7. I do have my eye on the Scrambler. We will be in Charlotte in two weeks to pick up the grand kids. There is a BMW/Ducati/ MotoGuzzi Dealer there. I have plans to test ride a few models that may fit my needs.
  8. Lol! What’s that beemer weigh? Where is it located?
  9. Sportsters are to heavy by about 100#. Suzuki, Honda, and Yamaha make a dual sport that might fit the bill they are around the 750cc range, however I just learned of the Ducati 950 Multistrad that comes in at around 450#. that looks like it might be what I'm looking for.
  10. There will always be Harley haters Woodrow, I just shake my head and laugh at their ignorance. Harley builds nice cruisers and tourers at the moment and have that market cornered. I really like my Electraglide for my currant riding style, however thing are going to change for me soon as I will be doing alot of traveling in the future via RV. I'm looking at different ways to bring a bike with me. Right now Kelly wants to get a motorhome, and tow a car. I want to get a 5th wheel toy hauler and tow with my F250. If we go the motorhome route I have seen motorcycle haulers that attach to a hitch. H
  11. Looked like he was wearing shorts. What a moron.
  12. Well just like Harley, Honda has left a “deficiency” for the aftermarket to remedy. Keeps folks gainfully employed.
  13. Did you post this in your popcorn thread.
  14. You got a point. Flat Track is the NASCAR of the bike racing world.
  15. A couple of funny things popped in my head when I watched that video. First one was when I was 21 I sold a car to Kenny Roberts. I didn't realize who he was at the time but when I delivered the car to his house I got to see his bike and car collection and all his trophies. The second thing is they played Stars and Stripes Forever in that video. Kinda made me laugh seeing that it was sorta a pro Yamaha video.
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