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  1. Nothing wrong with that. We all want bigger cameras ... until you spend 10 hours holding a D6 with a 600+ mm prime. You have a great eye for this, big thanks for sharing your work here.
  2. I've done five jib changes, all of them with piston hanks, before leaving the bleep harbour.
  3. Search for Code 0 on this very forum.
  4. Sure. Sail it on ancient creaky leaky wooden boats. But then you have to give up the Internet and read all about it 3 months later in a newspaper.
  5. I agree. Plus seeing all the nutcase Italian sailors in Olympics in 15-odd years' time.
  6. 1. The outhaul. Well, did it meet the rules or not? If it didn't then Ineos' geniuses should have know it didn't. No point crying over that one. 2. Delay: in the end the racing was concluded before the cut-off date. Delays is a moot point. Ineos lost. Move on FFS. 3. Wind limit: top limit now 1 measly knot less. So what? The weekend's wind was what is expected in Auckland during this time of the year. Blame the design team (as Ainslie has done repeated rather than face up to his own shortcomings), not PPLR/COR. 4. Using the rules ... well, yes, this is why rules exist, no?
  7. And Ainslie still had nothing (new) to say.
  8. What did Ainslie say. What did Cattani say? (Christ, is my hearing that bad?)
  9. What were you watching? Ineos was nowhere near getting the Cup.
  10. I'd pay to see Max Sirena's heart rate (especially during starts).
  11. But they can practice? If they can practice why can't they race? What am I missing (apart from because Jacinda said so)?
  12. The Ineos crew call Ben Guv. That's the problem. He wants to be campaign manager, skipper and helmsman. He wants to be at the top of the hierarchy. And it seems that when he doesn't get his way he gets rattled.
  13. You can see it (I assume it's the same piece) a second or so after slamming back down (bobs up near stern). Must be the same piece the RIB offloaded earlier.
  14. I don’t think the onboard cameras will be working anymore.
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