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  1. This guy needed a leg holster, he might have gotten away. Police find Tulsa man with stolen prosthetic leg strapped to head https://wwwPolice find Tulsa man with stolen prosthetic leg strapped to head.khq.com/news/police-find-tulsa-man-with-stolen-prosthetic-leg-strapped-to-head/article_14131cb2-1804-11ec-98e9-ab7d2f23a45d.html
  2. Does this sound intelligent to you? "burns through money like it is water"
  3. Anonymous Guest has trouble with then and than.
  4. I hope he doesn't lose all his retirement benefits. 18 year of service, most of it combat. And he told TFG and son to F off.
  5. One conservative estimate from Forbes in this article, https://www.forbes.com/sites/danalexander/2021/10/05/donald-trump-falls-off-the-forbes-400-for-first-time-in-25-years/?sh=63296ffbf62b Trump decided to hang onto his assets. At the time, they were worth an estimated $3.5 billion, after subtracting debt. If he had instead chosen to sell off everything, there is a chance that he would have had to pay significant capital gains taxes. Trump acquired his five most valuable holdings long ago, so he likely has huge untaxed gains locked in each of them. If he paid the maximum poss
  6. Do dipshit vaccine deniers eat vegetables? This conspiracy theory would be more believable if they put the vaccine in ranch flavored dipping sauce for hotwings.
  7. "Only yankees drink Bud." Said by a bartender at Gilley's in the mid 80s.
  8. The guy couldn't sleep well, so he invents a pillow and stops smoking crack. Yeah, it must be the pillow.
  9. What's the deal with the guy in the suit? He's got clown shoes.
  10. To which the other guy says, "I wasn't going to invite you anyhow."
  11. The Finklestein shitlib? https://youtu.be/x9vA-5iavlY
  12. To be fair, she was a lawyer with a lot of media experience and connections before Trump Jr and the candidate from Missouri.
  13. Wabbits do not belong in a dinghy park. Push them over to the keelboat section. http://www.wyliedesigngroup.com/wylie_design_group/Composite/Pages/Wylie_Wabbit_-_24_Day_Racer.html
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