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  1. "Successful?" "Bigly successful, just ask my accountants."
  2. Her husband's last name was Green. He added the extra e so she wouldn't figure out he's jewish.
  3. Cocaine dealer. Smuggled guns into a foreign country to give to a crooked police officer. He knows who the real medical experts are.
  4. Continues to be. No one really believes they've stopped killing.
  5. I was thinking that should be a manual tranny, but then remembered that it no longer has a stick.
  6. They are doing a great job at the Pleasanton fairgrounds as well. Monday midmorning there were several appointments available that afternoon. Early afternoon, I arrived 40 minutes early and left 20 minutes later. I'm bringing 20 gift boxes of godiva chocolates for my second shot. I hope they allow me to leave them.
  7. Show me your hands. Undo your seatbelt and step out of the car. Which order do you comply wth? You can't do both.
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