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  1. A production F22R is fun! On my third week out and about among the 30.000 islands that is Stockholm archipelago in Sweden. Weighed down with provisions, fridge, portapotty, Brompton folding bike and a lot of heavy crap it still performs and outruns everything. Have only had a Dragonfly 28 go faster than me during this vacation.
  2. Worked perfectly! Now lets collect that insurance money!
  3. Not even my f22r would fit in a 40f container without dismounting beams/floats. The main hull just barely fit when it was delivered. /f22r #231
  4. I bought the plan set but never managed to actually build it... What will be included in the kits for self assembly? You mentioned mainhull, floats, beams, folding systems, daggerboard and rudders, but how about the etc part? Mast, boom, hardware such as mastfot and all the other stuff I cant even begin to imagine that make out the boat? What would have to be bought elsewere? /Jocke
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