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  1. OK so I turned 40 this year, my dad died 20 years ago and my mom died last summer. I realized life is short, so fuck it I need to set myself a goal and do something adventurous. It could be a mini transat, a transquadra or something like that but what I really want to do is a R2AK, but there is one major hurdle: I live in France. How would you handle that ? my rough plan would be to find a boat to rent, one that has preferably already done the race, where little or no work is required, and is already in the general area of Port Townsend. The problem is I won't be able to afford flyin
  2. hi Ian a bit late to the party but have you looked at the the Pogo30 style rig layout ? one spreader + 2 diagonals. with your configuration (wide CPW and single spreader) it would work really well, probably bring the CoG down a notch, and allow to reduce the amount of side strips in the laminate. Also I would move the hounds higher to have more constant bend curves both fore/aft and lateral, but that is down to personal preference and what your sailmaker likes. It seems like you are working with Hall Spars on this so you have good people looking over your shoulder already
  3. The guys sailing and Horue are from south of France, where supporting historic PSG rival Marseille's soccer team is a religion which involves shitting on PSG as often as possible. Hell I'm not even from south of France and I shit on PSG on any given occasion
  4. cool video Chris, and I like your boat
  5. I am looking at my GPS trace and too embarassed to post it here. When I have time I will try to sail the same course low and fast or high and slow and compare the GPS traces to try and work out something on my own, but I am interested on what the consensus is in the Pulse class, alternatively, I am also interested in witnessing a good shit slinging from a safe distance.
  6. hello Pulse sailors I have just started sailing my boat, and the Pulse is probably the closest widespread design out there so I am looking for your pointers on sailing upwind. So far I have sailed twice in winds gusting to maybe 10-12kts max, and what felt right upwind was boat speed 7 to 8 kts but then looking at my data, my tacking angles are around 100°. Bearing away just a touch I can easily touch 9 to 10kts boat speed but this feels more like a close reach than sailing upwind. I am an experienced sportsboat sailor, but new to the world of multis, so interested in your exper
  7. the mighty Ichiban has sailed for the first time. @RV64 I just sent you a PM
  8. for some unknown reason, I think this is my favorite thread on the whole SA forums
  9. think of your boards as I-beams working in bending, you have your flanges (skins) working one side in tension, the other in compression, and to link the two, you need a web (stock) which will be working in shear. on very small boats the shear strength of a foam core may be sufficient to handle the shear force but on a 26' you definitely need a proper shear web. try to copy what has been done and tested on similar boats, or talk to a designer/engineer.
  10. hi Vincent some numbers off projects I worked on: Corsair 31: leech load 980kg Corsair cruze 970 (heavy mf): leech load 1200kg F-33R : leech load 850kg these are all for max RM full main and jib, but really your boom designer should work the leech load out. If not, what is he designing to ?
  11. Hi RV I am seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. One problem though, I have an old dacron main from the donor cat, but it seems to have too much luff round for my stiff carbon mast. Please PM me if your Kevlar main is still for sale. I am in Sarzeau for a couple of weeks.
  12. Based in France, and visiting NYC at the end of October. I am considering going to either a Knicks or Nets game. I see the schedule just came out, Nets tickets are already available via ticketmaster and Knicks tickets available tomorrow. What should I do, buy them now or wait and buy later on seatgeek ?
  13. I'd be afraid to accidentally lose a testicle sitting on the floor so close to where the boat folds.
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