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  1. Horse shit. It was never an effective prophylactic. Never. When a so-called doctor that believes demon sperm causes medical problems recommends something, that pretty much tells you how to take her recommendation. As for Trump, if he said "water is wet," I'd double check. Why you regressives decided to surrender any critical thinking and common sense to support a known charlatan will be studied for a long time.
  2. Very likely. Maybe carotid artery stenosis. His brain has been slowly squeezed out of oxygen for years.
  3. My brother watched that documentary on NYC organized crime . He said the weird thing about it is that Giuliani appears normal. What a fucking clown he turned into
  4. Not yet here but nurses in some areas are talking about ICUs starting to get more and more covid. Yesterday I patient told me how skeptical she was of the vaccine. "How can you call it a vaccine if it only works for a while? " "The shingles vaccine only lasts 5 years. The flu shot only lasts a season. Also, blah blah blah " I said. When folks said Trump would destroy the Republican party I don't think they meant like actually kill off Republicans. But that may be the case
  5. From Dec to Jan over 20% of my hospitals patients were COVID Now we have a total of three COVID patients, or so. Now we are back with allowing visitors and people that pass get taken away by a funeral home worker in a suit that puts a beautiful quilt over them. In 5--10 years will having worked bedside during COVID for a healthcare worker mean something special? I think it has to. I remember when we went from /a/ COVID unit to two. And then every unit was COVID. We are in the aftermath and I really hope science and common sense win. My rural hospital lost 50-some RNs during the
  6. If you have a problem with gun control laws why are you living in Mexico, moron? They have some of the most draconian gun laws around. Literally only criminal have guns -- or ammo--- in Mexico.
  7. So you're saying you're enjoying the Socialism there and that they are doing it well? That sounds like what you are saying
  8. Don't you live in Mexico? They elected a socialist. And his party is know for its stance of Humanism and everything you hate.
  9. Because she was a traitorous enemy combatant trying to overthrow the govt
  10. This is fascinating because the whole point of the RN test is to simply find out: In a job where pushing a med the wrong way can kill somebody- are you a careless or reckless person? That's it. The NCLEX-RN is simply a desperate attempt to weed out the most very dumb or careless people.
  11. What do you think @Burning Man? Still no proof that cop uniformed combatant culture is shit with intractable racism? After all, it seems that one of the thugs was possibly a minority, so he can't be racist, right? Maybe if the guy they pulled over was a higher rank the uniform would have counted? Brainstorming. Army officer on way home from work in uniform with temp paper tag on rear windshield Uniformed combatant hits the lights to pull him over for having no plate (see above) Officer drives for TWO minutes (120 seconds) looking for a well lit place to pull over "out
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