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  1. Happens in hospital. For example, I had a brain-fried meth/crack head ("meth-induced encephalopathy") who would not stop screaming at the top of his lungs for days. Not oriented/alert in any way but screaming at the top of his lungs every hour every day until he passed out for a little bit and would start up again. Hospitalist says give him 10 IV Haldol. I said "you mean, IM?" He said, nope, IV. I enter the order and then pharmacy calls me. "No way am I releasing that med, the last time somebody got 10 IV they died." So he and the doctor have a lively discussion and then I gave
  2. Shit ya. And raise his head to top of the mast with his own clanging halyard.
  3. You can come out for the day on my S2 9.2a if you want. Pm me!
  4. Ya, the odds are so miniscule of a horrible outcome with the vaccine they are tricky to calculate. With 20 million people I'm pretty sure I can find all kinds of stuff that happened to 17 or 50 of them a week after they got the job.
  5. So chances of this (assuming is true) are literally, actually, greater than 1 in 10 million? I still don't see how that is on the vaccine. One thing I've learned as a nurse is that this world is full of random damage. How many people got herpes after the vaccine? Probably about that many. "No, baby, I wasn't cheating on you, was the covid jab gave me herpes. "
  6. I'm currently a school nurse. If an adult wants to enter school regularly, or even periodically, they must be fully vaccinated per municipal order in this city. No exemptions. If they are unable to get vaccinated, they need to choose a different career or volunteer gig. Some folks are turned away from working as a nurse or EMS (or astronaut) due to a medical condition that is no fault of their own. That has always been the way.
  7. Piss off antivaxx loon. If an anti-vaxxer's family told me water was wet, I'd double check, so I sure as shit don't take their word for cause of death. I encourage you to read this study on it. 17 in 20,000,000 IF those cases are even actually caused by the vaccine. Meanwhile, what are yourchances of having kidney failure from covid-induced clotting should you get covid? https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8014568/
  8. I want to take off the wheel and put a tiller on my s2 9.2a. This is the top of the rudder post (as accessed to use emergency tiller). Not that big of a project, right? Would love some thoughts from you folks.
  9. Did you ever get a PCR after that? . If it was covid you would have tested positive for a few months after recovery
  10. Please report her to the board of nursing in her licensed state if she knew she was symptomatic and exposed someone she was taking care of. It's shockingly easy to report a nurse. Google "board of nursing [her state]." Then "verify license. " type her name. Once she comes up there should be a "report" option.
  11. What a bunch of shit. Given these cowards the dignity of a death in the line of duty is horse shit.
  12. Was aweful. Besides the shortness of breath and house shaking cough 10 days of nausea and diarrhea. And the night sweats were crazy. One night I wrung out my pajamas like wer wash rags. Fever stayed over 103 for days.
  13. They say I can't take a shit on the metro train floor-- it's all about control.
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