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  1. If you were looking for recent market experiences, rather than life, money and market philosophy, I can share the following... Advertising I put my 1990 C&C 36R up for sale late last summer... listed it here, local and regional Craigslist ads and Facebook market place. In addition the ads posted on each site, I made a free Google Site to advertise the boat. This saved tons of time screening buyers... as most their questions were answered immediately. Estimated Traffic: 60%+ from Craigslist - though most were low ballers or non-boaters. 30% from Sailing
  2. Talk to me about your preferred setups for mobile internet and wifi boosting... I'm seeing a wide variety of solutions, and price points, and looking for a sweet spot (if any). What do you use and like? Based on experience, what would you recommend today? In particular, looking for best choices for antennas as my mast is due to be stepped in a few weeks, and hoping to find the best choices so installation is easier. May want to simply start with antenna of choice, then figure our router, etc. later.
  3. Love this idea. I imagine it would take a bit more focus to grab the lanyard in the moment of crisis, however the bands easily broken so shouldn't be too much trouble. That said, it would also greatly avoid the snag and release issues from a lanyard dangling while working.
  4. Interesting to see such consensus on this, yet to see so few quick release options in the market place.
  5. Provisioning for a new boat, and wanting to buy the right equipment for our 5 year plan which will include inshore, coastal and offshore events. When I last read about and discussed tethers, it seemed the majority opinion favored a quick release at the harness allowing release under load in case you find yourself where being detached from the boat was less life threatening than being held underwater or being entangled in rigging, etc. That said, I'm a bit surprised at the number of new tethers which do not offer this setup, so I'm wondering if I'm missing something where quick release may
  6. Thanks for the VicMaui mentor suggestion... quite helpful. Also like the sling suggestion. After thinking about it, a Lifesling really isn't intended to throw immediately when the person goes over, so being located on the rail is less important than a lighted buoy/pylon and throwable on the rail. The idea of stowing with the raft which would be easily accessible at the stern would be perfect.
  7. Thinking of VicMaui... I figure if I get set for VicMaui and Transpac I should be good for all. Waiting on my Jeanneau 410 Performance to arrive. Hoping to do VicMaui in '22 or '24.
  8. Do you if the Joybouy with integrated pole/sling fits both the bouy and sling requirements thus only requiring an additional foam bouy, or if you mush have the bouy, sling and foam bouy.
  9. Working through provisioning a new boat and the races I'm considering over the next 5 years include everything inshore, coastal and offshore. Here's the relevant section of the WS OSR Cat 1 Regs: MoMu0,1,2 4.22.3 a lifebuoy with a self-igniting light, a whistle and a drogue MoMu0,1,2 4.22.4 In addition to 4.22.3 above, within reach of the helmsman and ready for immediate use, a second lifebuoy equipped with: MoMu0,1,2 4.22.4 a) a whistle, a drogue, a self-igniting light and MoMu0,1,2 4.22.4 b) a pole and flag. The pole shall be either permanently extended or be capable of
  10. Just signed up from Chrome on my Android phone. Thanks for getting this going again. Looking forward to these races. Anyone know when R2S registration opens?
  11. Wondering what kind of lifespan to expect from a PVC Rigid Inflatable if well cared and maintained. In need of a tender for our boat, and wondering if purchasing a RIB which is is 7-10 years old is a reasonable decision, or if this is a time when these boats tend to see problems with age and therefore it's best to pay the premium for a new one.
  12. Any recommendations on specific oils which work well?
  13. Great questions. Currently, the teak is only oiled. No varnished. Not looking dark, just showing it's age with a few high traffic areas which are dirty/scuffed and a couple areas where past leaks/drips are showing streaking.
  14. Took the unit apart to see if there was an issue with dirt/dust, etc. The interior of the unit was absolutely clean. Nothing I could see in the way of dust/dirty/corrosion. However, soon after the unit just stop responding to even the power button so even Zonker's wisdom couldn't be tested (actually, I tried... not with a C-Clamp, but holding the power and then trying to get any other button to work, and they didn't.). So, Craigslist + $180 got me an upgrade 'new to me' GPSMap which we swapped in and it works like a champ. Though I curse the previous owner who didn't use stain
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