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  1. All bars in Thailand are closed currently due to COVID... so unlikely the OP can get a picture of a 'Thai Girlfriend' for us, unless he knows of the bars that you can sneak in to... But given his budget, I doubt he has the kind of cash required where the bar owners will let you do that. @LongJohn If you're in Jomtien area, cruise around the beach next to Ocean Marina. There are many charter catamarans sitting and rotting due to no Chinese tourists allowed into Thailand... One of them could be had for next to nothing. Sorry for poor resolution, taken from my condo in 'pan
  2. A French woman already attempted this across the Pacific: https://www.pbo.co.uk/news/kite-sailor-sets-off-across-the-pacific-12245 She gave up a little over a month in: https://www.surfertoday.com/kiteboarding/anne-quemere-forced-to-abandon-the-pacific-ocean-kite-crossing Kiteboarding/surfing/foiling is the most amazing activity, and if I was pressed to choose sailing or kiting only forever, it would be kiting all the way. However, the locations, weather conditions etc etc. all required to kite safely and successfully are very very FINITE. Hate to be a pessimist a
  3. For the last song as you're cracking sunset beers: Kevin Bloody Wilson - Absolute Cunt of a Day
  4. Standard symmetric they are 0.953 in IRC. Anyone gotten IRC Cert with Asym?
  5. Must be an interesting story behind the breaking of the keel... Cast iron, while of course slightly brittle compared to steel, is still very strong. Welding it is not easy; not sure I'd trust just cutting and welding a piece onto the existing keel which may be what the photo is suggesting. There are supposedly around 600 Beneteau Platus in Europe. I went to worlds in 2016 on Lake Lucerne and only 30 were on the line. Some people I talked to said J/70 had taken over for the most part due to being easier to transport and rig, not to mention can actually get up on a plane downwind. An
  6. Cool to see some of you have done the prod modification already. In Thailand fleet we only use the original one-design configuration, but there has been discussion of trying this to allow for smaller 'experienced' crew sizes. I think you'd still need some good rail meat to fly an assym in any wind over about 8 knots true though. Our max crew weight here is 420kg, but the international rules are now unlimited weight. As mentioned above, boat is basically unbeatable by anything of similar size upwind in all conditions. Waterline beam is like a canoe. Downwind they are a handful.
  7. It was much much bigger when Oil and Gas industry was booming. Royal Varuna has a pretty active dinghy sailing fleet as well, about 7km away. This is generally a very safe place to cruise. Of course there is no Coast Guard, just the Navy, who are fairly inept, so you are mostly on your own, which IMHO, you should be able to deal with on the water anyways. But Thais are generally very nice people with true Buddhist "live and let live" mentality. Avoid the far South of Thailand on Malaysian border where the violent separatist Muslims are. +1 on 'Vortex of unending fun'
  8. Sure, but things are dying quickly now. Bars are allowed to open again, but there's no tourists. My guess is about 30-40% of bars are shuttered and won't be opened ever again. Fark COVID! You must have been here a LONG time ago if it was before Pattaya was a red light district. Pattaya began its conversion from dirt-road fishing village to its current state in the late 1960's with the construction of Utapao airport by the US military for the Vietnam War. The GIs coming for R&R from the front lines in 'Nam had to blow off steam somehow... and Thais are keen 'entrepreneurs' :) I
  9. Actually, an 'Emergency Stop' would be pretty easy to engineer with this system I think. If the actuators for the main and jib sheets had electronically controlled clutches on them, simply make a button that opens clutches and boom, at any point other than downwind, pretty much instant depower. While we're at it, we do a water brake trim-tab on the hull bottom that electromechamically deploys as well, so the boat truly slows down quickly at the same. Anything to keep you fogies out on the water. Im game. I'll be a fogey someday too Meantime I'll keep managing spaghetti, than
  10. Jomtien, Thailand. Okay, we only have 13 Platu 25s now and only 3-5 come out for monthly racing... But 10+ years ago 10-20 boats on the line was apparently normal. There are 600 Platus in Europe, 2 fit in a 40' container. The fleet can be built again. Brilliant racing boat for around the cans. This past weekend I sailed against (and got my ass handed to me by) the first woman in Thailand's history to qualify for Olympics (2016, Laser radial) Your dollar goes a LOT further in SE Asia. Look up Eastern Economic Corridor in Thailand. They are pumping billions of Baht into this pla
  11. I owned an O'day 240 (actually about 25' overall) for about 5 years. Did the ICW from Fl Keys to Oriental NC in 2 months on it with an ex girlfriend (relationship lasted years after the trip). Great boat, lead ballast, wing keel with 2'8" draft that worked quite well. I'd buy one again. Keep an eye out for one. Lots of neat features. From C Raymond Hunt same as the aforementioned Cal 24. Bought it for $5k, sold it for $5k and put about that much into it over the 5 years of ownership including very nice set of tri-radial sails from Sperry Sailmakers.
  12. Somewhat unfortunately, I think this case is welllll outside Illinois jurisdiction, or even USA for that matter.... I think the solution being sought here is more along the lines of what a 'gentleman' (gentleperson? What's the PC term for that?) might do.
  13. Don't mean to mince words with someone I respect a lot on here, but I sail in SE Asia, have 2 spinnakers of coated nylon, ridden hard and put away wet for 3 and 4 years respectively. They live inside the cabin of my 25' keelboat. Temps and humidity here make where you live a paradise. 365 days a year as well. They still handily win races when trimmed and handled well. Exactly how old were these sails that fell apart at the seams? Was UV exposure an issue? That is yuuuuuuuge, much bigger factor than any small crystalline structures in a nylon or polyester weave or thread. Wayyyyy
  14. Only rinse with freshwater if you are 100% certain that it will be completely dried afterwards. Salt crystal damage is pretty minimal in very light cloth and salt actually prevents mildew growth very well. Full rinse and dry is best. Mildew is not your friend especially in coated spinnaker nylon. Re: hoisting and drying that way... Only in lighter winds and definitely keep the 'leading edge' side tensioned. In the textile industry we purposely test cloth on a flutter machine, and you'd be shocked at how damaging even 3 minutes of freely luffing cloth is to bias stability at 25kts, ev
  15. Fortunately for them there is Patreon and nice sponsorships in the marine industry!
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