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  1. Is there anything that can be done to protect a cat with carbon mast and synthetic rigging against damage from lightning ?
  2. Dazcats are tough.
  3. Thank you for including the original source and quote in French.
  4. That's what we try to do, but I suppose that we shouldn't have spent the money on 3Di without halyard locks..
  5. I'm amazed at those perfectly tight luffs in the head- and mainsails. Our very expensive 3Di sails never look that tight...
  6. Does anybody know why all the boats, except PRB, are staying outside?
  7. I beg to disagree with the first part of your statement. Of course, the F32 is better looking I wholeheartedly agree with your second sentence. Unless you are beating into big waves, the Farrier trimarans are great boats to sail offshore .... and I miss mine too.
  8. The requirement for foam core in a R boat only started with the F-32. F9RX with balsa is legit.
  9. I forgot to add that the new mast also has further reinforcements and a compression post at the spreader. This is the area where the previous carbon mast failed. So maybe a lighter mast with those reinforcements would still be OK, but after two really bad experiences I wasn't willing to find out.
  10. is the black mast in the photo fixed or rotating? Rotating.
  11. Sorry for the broken mast. Been there, done that....twice already with F-32RX masts. The solution was to have a third carbon mast built with longitudinal moment of inertia increased by 50% (10% weight) compared to F-32 plan. That mast has held up very well, even in tough offshore racing conditions (line honours in May 2014 race across the Bay of Biscay) MM F-32RX #46 "Sarimanok" .
  12. We have had the same problem with the TackTick system since I bought it 3 years ago. I sent the whole system in for testing last year, it came back from Raymarine with a test report saying that everything is fine. However, the true and apparent wind speeds and angles were still all messed up and the fluxgate compass is also now stuck. I think the conclusion is obvious that there is something seriously wrong with the Tacktick wind reporter system... MM F-32RX "Sarimanok"
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