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  1. <sigh> Yeah. Seriously. For PRODUCTION boats. J/Boats will likely sell these by the 100's. Hunter has sold that gin palace by the 100's. It's a business folks- Product, Price, Promotion. How many Summit 35's (more racer focus) or SC 37's (comparable design brief) have sold or will sell in the next 5 years? Bigger production numbers means better resale, which means lower total cost of ownership. You have to make what people want at a price they're willing to pay, and a strong brand helps. J/Boats, Benteau, Hunter, Catalina, they get it and build a lot of boats. Not for everyone for
  2. Farr had a serious naval design brand until it started putting out the Beneteaus. These boats were heavy, sticky and slow in spite of the snazzy Farr design brand. Have never looked at Farr the same way again. They sold out. Farr and Beneteau should not even be named in the same sentence. If you think even for one moment that J Boats has Farr envy, you are kdding yourself. The differnece with J Boats is that they design their own boats and have somebody else build them. The other guys do the opposite: they have somebody else design, and build in-house. Beneteaus? I thought Farr is desig
  3. Erm, just over half that amount would be about right (linky). Not really sure that's the boat to take for a serious offshore race is it? And sure, $300k might get it on the starting line, but we'll see. So the big question now (if it's such a great example of the boat people want - and cheap too)... How many sold? I love those boats as much as anyone, but it's extremely hard to get them to market. That's reality. The segment between production racer/cruisers (J/111, SC37, Sydney 37, X-35, X-treme 37, T-34, ...) and racing custom designs from Ker/Farr/Corby/Mills/Bakewell-White is
  4. Erm, just over half that amount would be about right (linky). Generally the choice will be between performance and comfort, i.e., racer vs. cruiser. Good, glad you like it. Appropriate forum is here
  5. Which would be mostly well-built cruisers that said owners can take out for some safe racing on the weekends. And, giving credit where it is due, J//Boats are excellent at delivering exactly the above - and at a price point that lets them make very decent margins. More than can be said for many other boat builders...
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