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  1. He’s back in the news. Now they have cult uniforms. https://www.palmbeachpost.com/story/news/local/westpb/2021/01/27/mars-mission-sea-space-meet-palm-beach-county-mars-ocean-analogs/4251051001/?fbclid=IwAR1-3s9oGgzyI8YgVG9qdNtOvolDaWOEtWopJMf1NCQb1gTSF-y7kb8DzZo
  2. Look at you remembering names! Rouse. Yes. Many Maverick tales, Pier was a good one. I would love to sit down with you & Noodle some day and talk story. I am two weeks out from a new hip and planning to be back on the cat mid January for a chilly fast trip from Chesapeake to Abacos. Cheers, Paolo
  3. I think Saga was the first N/M 68. Barry Berkus from Santa Barbara (formerly owned Holmann Sunset Blvd) and two partners commissioned her. Choate built. I believe Drumbeat for the Ayres fam was also a Choater, but don't quote me. Swiftsure III, for the Frazees was Geraghty built, and by far the most successful of this generation of four. The late Keith Simmons from Dallas had the last of this gen, Prima built by Geraghty. The next series began with Pyewacket. These had much flare to their topsides, and relatively less form stability than the SC 70s. They would readily heel over and drag
  4. Oops! Sorry Rocket Raccoon, I meant to respond to Agility. And I don’t mean to sound like our boat is better than someone else’s boat. We love her, and sometimes get our back up when she or her sisters are denigrated. Fair winds! Never was
  5. Yes it can! I should have put an asterisk by the 287. We were on track to do 315 until last four hours of diminishing winds. Sat on 15-17 for ages. The big girl can rumble along. Top instantaneous paddle wheel speed has been 24 plus attained several times in different waters, but now we try to go slower. Rocket Raccoon, I thought 50 TWA was our best, but on the smooth, breezy waters of Bras d’Or Lake, 48 TWA at 7.4-8.2 kts boatspeed was indicated. In a seaway, no way. 50 or 52. Also, I believe our calibration is spot on, but I am not an electronics guru. B&G Zeus 3 is what we run.
  6. Nils, Lord Dicky looks like a mini Orange after cruising refit. Funny how the listing did not have hull interior shots... BM, re: Catanas with afterthought stuck on masts & no sail area, I reef in 17 true and go faster. The 522 may not be the highest performance model, but they sail just fine. I like to say 522 is a “little big” Catana, in that she shares more with her larger sisters like the 581/582. We own and live aboard a “big little” Catana, a 471. We sought out this generation of Catana, as have many other folks with racing and extensive cruising backgrounds. Not that winning me
  7. This is going way back, but as I recall, Dencho-built Saga was first N/M 68 built for three partners (one was Barry Berkus who had owned the Hollmann, Sunset Blvd. years before) for the 1983 Transpac. She was somehow(*) beaten by Nolan Bushnell's (Atari, Chuck E Cheese) Ron Holland design Charlie, Crewed by Skip (*) and Bone, et al before being quickly sold to Japan. 1985 Transpac saw the first three SC-70s: Factory boat Blondie, SoCal partner-owned Citius, Savings & Loan scandal dude from SD with Kathmandu, along with Geraghty built N/M 68 Swiftsure III for Frazee Bros. I think there wa
  8. Thanks SOMA and most of the rest of you for the thoughtful questions and informed dialogue!
  9. Haji, sorry for your loss. But what a great thread you inspired! While I did not grow up in Norcal, sailors like Skip & Dave Wahle, along with several others were who we looked up to as kids. They seemed more "adventurous" than the hot sailors from SoCal. When I started doing big boat sailing, they turned out to be down to earth regular guys who would take time out to answer newbie questions. Some of my favorite sails have been beer cans down to Capitola and back with various members of the Santa Cruz mafia. A big part of the legend of Imp, and all that followed, was the crew of Improbab
  10. The Ted lifting keel one? Or the Dobroth that became Mokuahi?
  11. Di Hard was sister to Bondi Tram, but with halyards up. And someone asked after Great News, 1987 Farr 50. Last I knew, she sold to Barcelona after charter to USA Admiral's Cup team in 1989.
  12. I crewed on one a few weeks ago in 10-20 variable conditions. We were two up, and trimming the jib much tighter that the foursome in the videos, and also pinning the spin sheet and sailing hotter angles even when breeze was up. We stuffed hard once, but she is a forgiving little beast, and I will race her again. A bit sticky in under 12, though.
  13. FOP, very impressive! You are not simply doing things right, you are doing them near to perfection. I am sure you have seen it, but Bill Barton wrote a book, The Legend of IMP that gives a nice history of a predecessor to Flirt. If you are a fan of those days, I would call it a must read. Thank you for sharing the process and progress. In these days of quick and dirty, it is reassuring to see things done well.
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