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  1. You're welcome to try mine once the water is liquid again if you want to take the drive, but there are probably closer ones.
  2. While it may not be the chick magnet the moth is, I really think that the OP should investigate a WETA. My understanding is that there is an active fleet on Lake Michigan (the 2022 North American were held in Muskegon). It is a blast to sail solo or with a crew, has a spinnaker (OK, a screecher for the pedantic ones). It can be a wet aggressive sailor, or a relaxed hang out on the trampoline one.
  3. How about Lake Manitou, which is the largest lake in an island (Manitoulin island) in a lake (Lake Huron)? OR One of the islands in Lake Manitou, one of which has to be the largest island in a lake in an island in a lake? I wonder if any of these is large enough to contain a lake... But really, to me, the real question is "what's going on with this trapeze posture"?
  4. Or use the trapeze... My recollection is that neither the wizz not the skeltic were particularly overpowered anyway...
  5. Looking at your wishbone, I would assume that you simply thread a line through one of the hole, around the mast, the second hole, around the mast then use the cleat looking V notch on the wishbone. That or make a loop with a diamond knot around the mast short enough that you can tit it though th V when the wishbone is parallel to the mast, and it gets tentions ce when the wishbone is perpendicular to the mast. Like very old windsurfs. Do I make sense?
  6. Let’s see: 3733 is registered in Tognazi near Roma Italy, and 3552 in Ravenna Italy, so I’d definitely say Italy. And since it’s not Guarda but still looks like a mountain lake, my wild guess is lake Como?
  7. Absolutely no idea.... It is not a French word. It may be a noun, or a contraction of two first name like Heidi + Sabine. Note in passing how a even a European recreational fun boat had a trapeze while North Americans seem terrified about it, castrated a perfectly good design like the 420 to turn it into the C420 monstrosity, and sail mostly trapeze-less boats. Why is it so?
  8. I can translate what I can read if needed.
  9. I remember seeing these on the beach, in France, back in the 80’s. My recollection is that it was Keltic’s response to Beneteau’s wizz https://www.beneteau.com/en/sailing-yacht-1965-1981/wizz or maybe I got it wrong and they came the other way around.
  10. Wire or Dyneema shrouds? One of my shrouds has a kink, so I am looking at either buying a new set, having the local shipchandler crimp one for me, or making a set out of 3mm Dyneema. What is the advantage of dyneema over regular wire, other that the fact that they do not kink? I sail in a lake, so salt is not an issue.
  11. My bad. Campione, not Limone.
  12. The races were in Lemone on the cliff side. I was created out of the landfill from the tunnel along the cliff side, so the background must be Navene or Malcesine or anywhere between the two. Best place I’ve ever sailed.
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