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  1. I am leaving LA by car tomorrow. Once I am done with the two weeks of quarantine (despite being fully vaccinated), I will definitely need to get on the water! I'd love to help starting a second fleet in Hamilton.
  2. Y-flyer in ON. Needs a little work and a few parts https://www.kijiji.ca/v-sailboat/oshawa-durham-region/sailboat-y-flyer/1570729215
  3. Thanks. I'd definitely be up for crewing on an I14.
  4. Water temperature... That's another issue I forgot about in 20 years in the South. I am up to a rude awakening... Thanks for the offer. I'll definitely PM you once I am settled in
  5. I did not know about Port Dalhousie YC. I'll definitely visit.
  6. I'll definitely visit. One thing I never understood about the VX One (and most North American series) is the lack of trapeze... I would much rather hang out on the wire than suffer on the bench. Am I missing an important component of North American sailing?
  7. Hi, I am about to relocate from Louisiana to Hamilton ON for work, sight unseen thanks to covid, travel restriction and quarantine... Are there any dinghy anarchists from the area? Does anybody know anything about the local dinghy sailing scene? I have heard of the Royal Hamilton Yacht Club (seems stuffy / not my kind of place) and the Burlington Sailing and Yachting club. I had to sell my Vector and am starting to think about what to get next.
  8. Very good point. I noticed a lot of crabbing in the aerial shots.
  9. Both main and jib are on a starboard tack. That does not exactly look like wing-on-wing to me. Plus I seem to recall seing this happen on the upwind leg.
  10. Hi, Looking at videos of the Prada cup, I noticed multiples instances of the boats sailing with the boom sheeted to windward (see attached pic of American Magic for instance). Why? Does the twist and small sheeting angle require that the bottom of the sail be over-sheeted or is there something else I don't understand about main trimming on these boats? Blaise
  11. Thanks. I got a few quotes from Uship and will get in touch with the star guy. Blaise
  12. Hi, I may have found a buyer for my Vector https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/2001-vanguard-vector-skiff-in-pristine-condition/. He can pick up the boat in San Antonio, Corpus Cristi or Laredo. I am on Baton Rouge, about 8h away. Any suggestion for shipping the boat and trailer that is not going to cost more that the boat itself? Anybody driving West on I-10 in the next couple of weeks? Blaise
  13. Nice Vector in Baton Rouge... https://batonrouge.craigslist.org/boa/d/baton-rouge-vanguard-vector/7256018690.html Maybe I am biased because it's my boat, but that's a damn nice looking Vector at a very good price... And before I get flamed, yes, I bought an ad https://sailinganarchy.com/advert/2001-vanguard-vector-skiff-in-pristine-condition/ Blaise
  14. Technically not a dinghy, but then again, not sure what it is... https://gulfport.craigslist.org/boa/d/hammond-trimaran-sailboat/7246583827.html Blaise
  15. I've looked at several of these videos. Back in my sailing instructor days (a long time ago), we used to approach the capsized boat from the side (tender perpendicular to the dinghy, motor away from the boat), move to the front of the tender, grab the shroud at the anchor plate, and either pull up on the shroud (laser II, 420) or pass a line through the shroud, hold onto its free end, put the tender in reverse at very slow speed (larger boats, small cats). We would easily get the capsized dinghy on its side, then holding the mast at the base of the forestay, turn it into the wind from where r
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