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  1. Seen it live, pretty purdy! Cannot ride on trailer fully assembled
  2. Symmetric CB and selftacker might just be issues.
  3. Yeah it was a TC-999 that I had to see disappear on light upwind, (I was on a massproduced danish Tri.) this is why I wonder What type of daggerboard the TC-999 runs on Someone said the TC-999 is very light weight
  4. There is a Catamaran made in Norway called TC-1000 , does it use asymmetricals ?
  5. What are we learning, foil with nosecone lose speed
  6. Vibrating symmetrical board is not fun in cruiser
  7. This is a Catri 24 on the westcoast, I am on the eastcoast, and has the bigger Catri 26, This vid display the consept of sailing with about 85 % lift, not full flight, but better safe than sorry. The trimaran sit high in the water, the crew say 14 knots. Some Owners has chopped off the rounded tip, this to avoid dragging the windward tip, note the Catri 24 is CE marked, there is not possible to CE mark hydrofoiling boats, but Catri is hydrosurfing.
  8. Tried about half size - Almost no gain. with larger, I have a more linear boat - were I have reduced a speed friction point dip around 9 knots boat speed. It was hard to pass this 10 knot barrier which is were the foils starts to kick in
  9. Asymmetric boards cannot self oscillate as they lift only in 1 direction a symmetric board that oscillate has very high drag.
  10. Mesh is 40x40 mm catamaran polyester low strech, knottless make it more comfortable to use. No actually the foil-let is attached to the board edge with 2 inverted torx stainless bolts, it is very clever attachment inside board, it is strongly mounted to the inner beams of board, a rigging turnbuckle were the positive screw removed and inverted torx standard M8 goes in through the foil-let (marine alu). The "let" is interesting tech. that only work with asymmetrics.
  11. To further improve the asymmetric board I have made them square tipped and added a foil-let, the open net comes handy when to Observe the action, in the picture it looks like the green foil-let is heavily corroded, but it is just optical distorsion through the water. Boat speed here is very low and the board is raised to study how the turbulens release with incremential speed, the Idea is to make it ”quiet” after the trailing edge.
  12. The profile for Catri 26 look like this, I think very close to NACA 4412.
  13. Yeah, T-35 is big but light, with what material is the net constructed with ? there is a significant net area on t-35.
  14. With no incline on asymmetrics, there is more reasons to be careful as the forces tend to compress the amas towards mainhull - on inclined asymmetrics like on Antrim 30, Catris the asymmetric force press is also in the UP direction, which make it not so critical, the boat just lift out the boards if both boards are used at the same time. I use this when going by motor especially in waves, lowering both boards drop the boatspeed from 8 to 7 knots, but the ride is much nicer with some elevation and stability. About weight: T-35 - 1400 KG ? SC30 FCR - 130
  15. I have had the possibility to watch the T-35 live on the water in some regattas, and if I compaire the T-35 (asymmetric) with Seacart30 (symmetric) I have to say that they are equal fast, line honor mostly depending on the crew.
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