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  1. If there were a deadhorse topic hall of fame for SA, safety requirements impacting race participation would be in it. I don't know why it keeps coming up in this thread as safety requirements have minimal impact on participation. There are more significant factors in Mackinac participation, certainly now with Covid in the mix.
  2. There is a surplus of vaccines in Michigan, people are even getting offered rides and money to get the shot. If people want the vaccine it's there for the taking, so those who want it are going to get it. It is what it is.
  3. I like the series, but get it that they videos need more views to make the whole thing viable. Many are around 15k views now, but don't be surprised to see those go up in the future. Sometimes these things take a while to catch on.
  4. Well, I guess it's generally accepted that "Florida Man" has a higher mortality rate.
  5. Thinking back to that 2015 accident in the Mills, that accident didn't seem to get as much press as those in the Chicago Mac. I have no idea why, also there wasn't a US sailing inquiry as with Imedi and WingNuts in the Chicago race. Even though as straight forward as his drowning was in shallow water and he fell over due to "busted ass old lifelines"
  6. The referenced fatality was in the 2015 Mills https://medium.com/@Sail_GreatLakes/mills-race-fatality-was-a-florida-man-76574070701e
  7. So it’s safe to say that in relation to the OP that safety regs aren’t a factor in entries in 2021, for either race. I say this because there aren’t significant changes to safety regs to either Mackinac race. Plus historically safety regs haven't had a significant impact on registrations. It’s pretty clear that Covid is the biggest factor. In this regard Chicago has all kinds of additional factors that Port Huron does not. Big city, big event, big city marinas and a high profile. Those factored into why Chicago got canceled in 2020. Also, getting boats and crews (for out of
  8. Those accidents don't constitute "regularly sees deaths on the race" That's a pretty reckless statement. Also, how does a race have a safety record? You can have all the rules and regulations, but at the end of the day it's the boat, skipper and crew that make it happen. Who's complaining about safety requirements? I'm not hearing anyone. Also it's the Chicago race that has had the fatalities and one can argue that Chicago has stricter safety requirements. But how can that be with so much safety? The truth is they were accidents, which given the same set of unfortunate circumstan
  9. Two accidents resulting in fatalities over the past 100 years in one of the two Mackinac Races. Did you take the J&J vaccine and wind up with a clot in your brain? Nobody complains about safety regs and I've never heard of a regularly participating program say "Well that safety gear is too expensive to do the race." For fucks sake a room for 3 nights on the island costs more than any one piece of safety gear.
  10. No border restrictions for the solo races last year, I wonder what made them so special? I guess it's easier to quarantine on a boat by yourself rather than with a full crew.
  11. There's really too many externalities to be certain. What I would say is make the comparison in June, after each race has their entry deadline.
  12. It's too early to look into those numbers. Also, BYC is the second race this year, so there can be more boats from Lake Michigan registered on odd years.
  13. I was offered the vaccine at work and decided to take it. Miraculously was administered my second dose on 1/19, a day before President Biden took the oath of office, which according to him was before we even had a vaccine!! Sorry, I had to go there . Anyway for me the choice to get the vaccine boiled down to two things: 1) I know more about the vaccine than things I put into my body for fun in parking lots at Phish concerts in the 1990's. So I don't have the internal moral authority to tell myself that I shouldn't get the vaccine. 2) It's about numbers, the more people t
  14. Agreed, but in my part of the world there are many 30's who do at least two races OD that I know if. Another positive of the Nonsuch style is sailing in colder weather, great fall sailing boat in colder climates. Incidentally those two OD Nonsuch 30 races I'm thinking of are fall races. I've blasted by Nonsuch 30's in the first 30 minutes of a 56 mile BYC North Channel race on the Express 27. Already wet and cold, wondering which of us got the right idea. Sure I'm home by the fireplace warming up when they're still racing, but maybe they never left home comforts?
  15. I have come to the realization that the Nonsuch 30 is my dream boat, for the reasons you mention. I'll save the fast sailing for racing on other people's boats. Although the BYC North Channel Race (St Clair River) had 8 Nonsuches on the starting line last year.
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