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  1. Which, if served as Bayview does, only needs a splash of coke.
  2. Here's an update from the Kahl family regarding YachtScoring, from Facebook: Dear Yacht Scoring Friends- As we navigate the tremendous sadness and difficulty of losing a much-beloved brother, son, and friend, we want to take this opportunity to assure you of our personal commitment and interest in keeping Luiz’s legacy and passion, Yacht Scoring, alive and thriving. This is what he would have wanted and what we will continue to work hard to make a reality. We are making the needed arrangements to keep Yacht Scoring fully operational with the exception of provid
  3. Well said, this is truly a case of the good dying young. What I'll say about YS is that a friend, sailor and IT professional is handling YS for the interim. We can leave it at that and the thread should be about Luiz and his life well lived.
  4. Yachtscoring was just Luiz. There is no shortage of people who want to keep it going, but in life or more specifically death things can be more complicated. I am optimistic that in this case his digital legacy will prevail
  5. Sometimes it is not until people are suddenly gone, gone young or both that you know how special they were to so many. You will never find a person who will knew him that will say anything but kind words about him. Not just the sailing world but the world in general needs more people like him. RIP Luiz.
  6. Apparently all of the YouTube monetization is for videos of kids unboxing toys or playing video games. I just don't get it.
  7. So lots of people in this thread are saying something to the effect of "Most people race the Fastnet for fun and the experience and having the bottom done is just too big an expense to justify." OK, then why do these boats have expensive carbon sails? Just in the still photo of those YouTube videos I see many multi thousand dollar sails, including the one with the scuzzy bottom. Any sailmaker worth a salt will tell you if you can only have two things for your racing sailboat they'd be: 1) Good sails (big surprise, but true) on a properly tuned rig 2) Fair and clean
  8. It is what it is, things will be totally back to normal next year. I suppose it's a good sign that people complain about things peripheral to the race over the last year or so like docking and parties. Less bitching about class splits and rating systems.
  9. I haven't had the pleasure of a OA win in the Chi Mac, I know for the BYC Mac winners are forbidden from fondling the hardware.
  10. Either way lots of time and money spent to get your boat name on a trophy that you're not allowed to chug beer out of and a $30 flag. Still worth it though...
  11. I'm currently in between my 3rd and 4th Lasers. But I cannot deny the impact this little boat has had on my life, as I'm sure many others cannot deny. His impact on the sport will continue for decades. RIP Bruce
  12. I just wanted to hop on this thread to congratulate Larry and the crew of Bad Dog. Enjoy the festivities, whatever they might be. Good work team!
  13. Light air drifters are aggravating, but mentally manageable for me personally. Right up until the point when the horseflies arrive. I HATE THOSE FUCKERS
  14. I would say that's mostly a negative for those under 30 or so, or just the hard core partiers. All that means is if you finish after 10pm, the party moves to St Ignace or Mackinaw City... unless as aforementioned the Michigan DNR blessed you.
  15. For anyone who was not blessed by the Michigan DNR when attempting to reserve a well.
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