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  1. And so it begins. Just can't help yourself can you
  2. Rush hour may need to join this classification if she gets to Gladstone this year.
  3. Rush hour with a bit on. Pic from Chris Banner.
  4. Shaun owns Rex. He used to own Morticia. The boat has been up here in Airlie.
  5. You proa guys make the average anarchy posters look like saints. Here's an actual comment about the Big Red Boat,Gary has sold the boat.
  6. It doesn't work. It did win a national title against other boats that had never achieved a 3rd in a nationals. Beautifully built but massive design flaws.
  7. Grainger Raider would be my choice. Trailable, fast and fairly roomy. https://m.facebook.com/multihullcentral/videos/232954570707860/
  8. Had a beer with Gary the other day. He's loving his new toy and will be around here for a while. Can't wait to go for a ride.
  9. Their 075 videos are even better, but I might be a bit biased
  10. Unfortunately Brandy Creek Ferry was wrecked in a big Northerlie a few years back. Something like 20 boats ended up on the bricks that day. Back in the 90's there was a Corsair 36 in charter with the Moorings on Hamilton Island. Really cool looking boat but a bugger to work on. The only other cat in charter then was Winkali, the first Seawind 1000. Will never forget looking in the engine bay and thinking the engine had fallen off its mounts. My first encounter with a bloody Bukh
  11. The boat ended up upside down on a pylon and a cabin cruiser, with a broken mast. Not sure how much other damage but it didn't look real good. Just unlucky the stormcell hit right there.
  12. Don't really think Venom was built for 40minute sprints around the cans. Should do better in the longer race today.
  13. http://old.squadron.asn.au/results/2019/kog/apv/01RGrp4.htm?ty=15745 results from the passage race. Easy win.
  14. Ave Gitana is basically a sister ship to Bullfrog and weighs 4097kg, rates .996 to Venoms 1.008.
  15. Nice work mate. It's a shame more people around here don't have the same respect for older boats.
  16. Can I suggest that all Bottshit replies are put on the other thread.
  17. So Darren had an unfavourable survey report from Geoff in 2014, in what year did you get this report from Geoff that says she's all good to go Bottman ?For a boat to jump from 80k to 200k I would hope for more than just a bit of balsa from Bunnings.
  18. Go sailing Bottman. Actions speak louder than words. The miles Jason has done on Spirit speak for themselves.
  19. I only see one angry bloke, everyone else has been pretty restrained. Especially by Anarchy standards
  20. We often limit mast rotation when a bit over powered on the Gnome. Could be the same theory here.
  21. To "rent out" a boat, would it not need to be in survey ? My experience from living in the Whitsundays, says illegal charters are highly frowned apon.
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