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  1. Looks as though it would pitch itself to a standstill too. I wasn't recommending it just putting it out there.
  2. Hi Drew I don't want anything for it ' my display is fine my problem is the wind transducer but to be honest I haven't even looked at it ' could be a dry joint . Anyway I have your address and I will send it off today. Good luck with it it should be ok though , I put it near my compass and the compass went crazy. Al
  3. Hi Drew Do you still need the paddlewheel ? I will need to have an address to post it to. Al
  4. I have a Navman multi 3100 that has the paddlewheel your chasing , my unit is connected to my GPS , you wouldn't be able to find a wind transducer for my Navman w3100 by any chance ? We could do a swap.
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