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    Looking for Pacific Proa plans

    Looks as though it would pitch itself to a standstill too. I wasn't recommending it just putting it out there.
  2. dialdan

    Looking for Pacific Proa plans

  3. Hi Drew I don't want anything for it ' my display is fine my problem is the wind transducer but to be honest I haven't even looked at it ' could be a dry joint . Anyway I have your address and I will send it off today. Good luck with it it should be ok though , I put it near my compass and the compass went crazy. Al
  4. Hi Drew Do you still need the paddlewheel ? I will need to have an address to post it to. Al
  5. I have a Navman multi 3100 that has the paddlewheel your chasing , my unit is connected to my GPS , you wouldn't be able to find a wind transducer for my Navman w3100 by any chance ? We could do a swap.
  6. Why don't you connect your gps to it nmea out?
  7. dialdan

    Crowther 43 project.

    Hi Dennis Would it be possible to use the web thats welded to the front of your seagull striker for your prodder? If beefed up may be an easier fix, why a need for the track anyway? Al