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  1. A better way to "ignore" is to set up your own website and keep all this foreigner crap off this site. You do know how to do that, don't you?
  2. As a former coach of various teams in Hobart I would agree with you 100%. The weather in Hobart is incredibly changeable and the sailors learn to watch the weather, sail in an area of the river where they can get to safety if required while the coach assists another boat and they learn to be self sufficient. Unfortunately this doesn't seem to translate into youth world champions and olympians but it does produce a group of sailors who can go anywhere in the world and be valuable crew members or indeed skippers (Richard Hewson) of pretty much any boat. Occasionally there are regattas held that
  3. Actually, he doesn't. Most of the mythical front crap is sent in by foreigners. So no one reads the front page. Simple.
  4. MSA, having sailed in 35 or so iterations of this event I believe I am coming from a slightly more qualified position than you. I have closely witnessed the evolution of the event since the late 60s and witnessed the more recent steady decline in value for money.The high by any standards series entry fee is just the start; its all the add-ons such as accomodation, food & drink that kill the deal for me. Price gouging in Geelong accomodation facilities is rife even to the extent that many hike their prices and then require a minimum booking of more nights than the duration of the event. Lo
  5. That's good to know. We need updates on this.
  6. So, mates, what's happening in Hopbart?
  7. HHHHHHOOOOOOOOOOOO.........HUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM As in, Dude, you really need to try harder.....
  9. There is a certain irony about DoRag's ongoing tirade against non-US-centric threads... his continued posting repeatedly "bumps" these threads back to the top of the heap, thus achieving the exact opposite of that which he purports to want That all you have? Seriously?
  10. Really? Holy cow! Wowser! WTF?
  11. That's only because you guys are the few who submit articles. Be advised that no one reads the front (or can evebn find it) and teh reason is that no one cares about sailing in your world. Maybe you folks could develop your own site so we don't have to wade through all you BS?????
  12. Thanks for joining the discussion Jeff. In my previous comments I meant no slight on YT in general, nor on the individual board members. I acknowledge my own ignorance around sailing's adminstrative heirarchy but suspect that I am not alone in this ignorance. I appreciate your efforts to keep us informed about ongoing YA technical issues (as a qualified and practising Mechanical Engineer, I chose to bite my tongue regarding what was, in my opinion, some fairly questionable quasi-technical reportage proffered as expert opinion in the abovementioned stanchion debate). All current debate aside, I
  13. It's clear to me that Snags is a sock pupopet for Jocal, who is a communist and serves on both the US Sailing and NOSA Boards.
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