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  1. EDF when she was LDT did the one lap in 2012 or 13. Tri Flying usually does it. TT used to do 24 hrs but not with me, I'm too old for that. If i was there I'd do the one lap but im not.
  2. Hi, Truly lovely boats! Truly hope I will get to start building a tri for myself in not too distant future. Two short questions on the rudders Do the rudders simply kick back for folding? And only the motor is used to steer when folded? Many thanks P I only move a short distance in flat water so the motor is ok, but if you had to go further then a temporary small rudder would be necessary, I am thinking of building a small rudder, short tiller and rudder pin all in one to slip into the existing rudder gudgeon on the transom.They will kickup but not yet, I have them
  3. I think you are right. When a cat is tacking both rudders are fully immersed. When a F85 is tacking only one will be immersed at any point and the other will be clear or just touching the surface. It will change from one to the other mid-tack as the tri flops over.
  4. Boat names can be personalSpecial Kay and Pear Tree are examples.
  5. Nice. I had a Tiger 800, now swapped for a Street Triple 660 so that barb can legally ride it. Also have a KTM Freeride 250R (2 stroke) and a TTR230 road/trail.
  6. Off topic I know but hey - this is anarchy, Ozmultis what's that front wheel?
  7. 2 pulse 600s raced at the Lock Crowther Memorial Regatta 2016 last weekend. "Multihull Central" and "Pulse 600". Unfortunately too much westerly for racing on Saturday. 2 races Sunday Results: http://www.royalmotor.com.au/multihulls/results/2016/LCMR/SGrp1.htm http://www.royalmotor.com.au/multihulls/results/2016/LCMR/01RGrp1.htm http://www.royalmotor.com.au/multihulls/results/2016/LCMR/02RGrp1.htm Next event here is the Sydney Harbour Multihull Regatta 28th - 30th October 2016 Assuming they will both be there. After that is the 2016 Multihull Nationals at Wangi Will the
  8. Fixed Please don't alter my text Andrew, especially when you are incorrect. My F-28R is one of the first F-28 imports to AUS, in about '98 by Ian (Ox) Davis. I think the boats were Scud, Pear Tree, Summit, mine was Special Kay owned by Greg Kay of Classic Trailers who made their trailers I think. His dad Bob owned one as well, and they were most definitely F-28R boats designed by Ian Farrier who I believe was working in the factory at the time. Mine is boat #14, now proudly more F than the rest because Ian Farrier has signed inside the float at my request after he inspected the boat. In
  9. Not that big. MadMax/Carbon Copy is only 10M long and weighs less than half of a 10M trailable monohull. A small light trailer is sufficient. However a large heavier trailer is easier on the boat for trailing. Mast length can be problematic. Morticia uses a 2 piece mast.
  10. put Randy in a sprint and anyone you like in M23 to see which is faster. I think you will find the sprint faster in nearly all conditions.
  11. I saw a pulse for the first time on the weekend and sailed a regatta with it. This was at Kurnell on Botany Bay - Sydney. I didn't get a close up look at it and I have no idea what the new owner paid for it. It was the first proper outing for the owner after a familiarisation sail with the local dealer. The owner and crew are experienced Taipan cat sailors and I expect they will sail it to it's potential once they get used to it. At times over the weekend the pulse demonstrated formidable performance. Also competing was the mk1 sprint that i owned up to a year ago. The new owner has im
  12. From what I have seen of the conditions there I would expect a firefly to be faster around a course. On flat water up to say 15 knots wind I would expect Pulse to be considerably faster than firefly. Firefly is an offshore capable cat. Not fair to compare to a 6m daysailer, then there's cat vs tri.
  13. Seacart 30 mast is 15m (Mainsail luff = 14.39). F32srcx has main luff = 15.09 My 27' cat launched 1989 had a 13m mast. 12.6 would be about right for a 'lightish' 8.5 m racing tri. Blackjack's should be quite a weapon. Can't wait to see it on the water. I need some competition, IC has gone north, Lukim Yu beats me on OMR but only occasionally do we finish close together.
  14. When Toby sold me Louie he told me the secret to downwind was to run deep. Even on TT I have had success running deep with a kite that is not intended for that in light winds. If we weiged under 800kg perhaps we could run hot in the light. A 20' boat would have to come in under 400kg to do it. I just don't think it is on for a 20' tri in >5 knots. What does a Nacra 20 weigh?
  15. Very hard to achieve an 'apparent wind boat' in a tri of this size. It would need to fly the main hull in 8 knots TWS and I don't think it has the rig to do that. Maybe in 15-18 knots it could be an apparent wind boat and use a flat kite but in 5 knots it will need a deep running kite in mixed fleet sailing. In one design it would not matter as long as they all have the same.
  16. The Pulse ain't one of those so why criticise the spinny shape when you know tight luff's are only good for uber fast boats whats fast?I would expect the pulse to be a 20kt boat so it can make use of a properly designed multi spin In your dreams 20 knots . How often have I been over 20 knots consistently rather than a one off burst on my F18, not that often but then I am a bit more truthful than most. I'm coming in late on this and have not read the whole thread. I would expect the pulse to be a 20 knot boat. By that I mean it should be able to occasionally hit 20 knots as an instant
  17. Corsair Sprint and Dash - fold and unfold the main shrouds remain tight and support the mast exactly the same whether folded or unfolded. No need for inner shrouds. Can be kept on hardstand or marina berth with the mast up, folded or unfolded.
  18. Very nice. How long till launch?
  19. I agree. I think it could be the entry level tri that is needed to compete in the market with ballasted single hull family day sailors. Keep it simple and cheap.
  20. Nice. My point is that these boats are in the same market as the pulse. Beachcats are not. It is pointless comparing. A person who would buy a beachcat would not consider a Pulse, nor a seascape nor a status. And a person deciding whether to buy a pulse or a seascape or a status would not consider a beachcat.
  21. Forget about comparing to beach cats. Rather compare to trailer sailers, Status 19 for example. http://sailboatdata.com/viewrecord.asp?class_id=5754
  22. So it appears that the SeaRail-19 is selling well in the USA. Pulse is quite similar and should also sell well if it is price competitive. Obviously there is a market for these boats at <30k A new Viper 640 is ~$36k (21') A new VXone is ~$29k (19') Should definitely be a market at the <$30k price point https://vxoneaustralia.wordpress.com/ REASONS TO BUY A VX ONE Unrivalled performance for your dollar. $36,000 for a boat that can do 20 knots! Two or three person crew – no weight limit ( 200kg -230kg recommended) Suitable for the whole family from Ju
  23. Is there a similar size cat? In 1981 I chose a SeaWind 24 ($12,500) over a Haines Tramp ($11,000??). Is the Windrush 700 still made. If so I would choose that over a pulse or a searail. Comparison with OTB cats (F18 etc.) is not valid - totally different market. I don't think the windrush is available. I don't think there is a new cat available. If I had 30k to spend I would buy a certain pink 30' cat and sail in Div 1.
  24. So it appears that the SeaRail-19 is selling well in the USA. Pulse is quite similar and should also sell well if it is price competitive. Obviously there is a market for these boats at <30k
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