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  1. Red Bull to F1 we have evidence, lots of evidence. FIA "OK?". But we have evidence, we will release the Kraken (A.K.A. A video of former F1 driver Alex Albon, trying to mimic Hamilton's line on an empty track). FIA ""NO!". Another Kraken bites the dust! Along with Bed Bull's credibility.
  2. Work gave me one (with a monochromatic screen) so I could work at home. While waiting for jobs to run I had a golf game to play. Because the "on-line" system used to automatically go down at midnight, I would wait until then to log in and work. Don't even want to think about how slow the dial-in speed was.
  3. Since this is SA and following down the Morgan James rabbit hole: Morgan James with the Skivvies:
  4. A different take on a podium: They put the top three finishers in a tractor trailer (with big cutouts on the side), placed a laurel around each of their necks, and drove them around the track at a 10th of the speed they were just doing... So the adoring fans could wave to them. Seems like even at that speed, without a 5 point harness, standing was an issue. And no one said "moo".
  5. Rod Johnstone returned one from Bermuda last year. Someone DH a J/100 in the Transpac when that boat first came out, so I don't see why not.
  6. And there are still people who do not know how to take a video with a phone. So sad...
  7. Kept me watching. Team Red Bull was out classed, but even Max new the end was inevitable. Great example of trusting your team: Hamilton was right on Verstappen's tail and most likely to pass in the next DRS zone, but turned into the pits to give Verstappen a 20+ second lead. Not for long!
  8. Looks like Mercedes has their eye on Romain Grosjean: https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.breaking-grosjean-to-make-fairy-tale-return-to-f1-with-special-one-off.4iaABiRi5Sq6XxTCch9llk.html
  9. That's when the fun began. Hamilton blew the restart after the safety car and dropped to third, that's when he decided, enough of this BS, passed Verstappen, then Bottas and won with a 29 second lead. Beside that it was a boring race.
  10. I day sail and race local. I have been considering taking mine down to Annapolis for their double handed distance regatta in the fall (Sort of a pre-Olympic regatta back when there was going to be a coed DH Olympic class). I think it is a perfect double handed boat and while we have done very well double handed in our little pond, I'm sure I'll get my butt kicked down in Annapolis, but its worth at try. There are two J/100s that raced in the Annapolis Wednesday night series and one of them attempted the DH distance race. But they haven't faired very well. Finishing last would have bee
  11. To get us back on topic: Solo sail, temp in the upper 50s, a perfect breeze and of course the perfect boat.
  12. Why the ship floated free this morning, so this worked. Once again Hamilton saves the world! Don't know how he hides the red cape in his drivers suit.
  13. This could be an interesting season. Max on pole, followed by the two Mercs and Leclerc in 4th a tenth of a second behind Bottas! The MacMercs looked great in practice but 6th and 7th in qualifying Gasley 6 spots ahead of Perez, did RB make the right choice? Both Williams out qualified Vettel who barely beat Shu Jr. This could be a very good year!
  14. Paws was never that slow, unless I ran aground, usually mid fleet. No back in the 70's & 80's the Bullseye was for the Spring and Fall Toms River Pram Frostbite series. The Spring Series used to start the first weekend in March and the fall series started in November. There were times in the spring we would have to break up the ice along the bulkhead in order to launch the boats. And I do remember sailing in snow squalls. The trophy sat idle for a while and then was repurposed for last place qualifier for the Wednesday night PHRF series. Funny thing is our new Fleet Captai
  15. Was there a year and a half ago. Last trip abroad before the COVID shut down.
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