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  1. Why the ship floated free this morning, so this worked. Once again Hamilton saves the world! Don't know how he hides the red cape in his drivers suit.
  2. This could be an interesting season. Max on pole, followed by the two Mercs and Leclerc in 4th a tenth of a second behind Bottas! The MacMercs looked great in practice but 6th and 7th in qualifying Gasley 6 spots ahead of Perez, did RB make the right choice? Both Williams out qualified Vettel who barely beat Shu Jr. This could be a very good year!
  3. Paws was never that slow, unless I ran aground, usually mid fleet. No back in the 70's & 80's the Bullseye was for the Spring and Fall Toms River Pram Frostbite series. The Spring Series used to start the first weekend in March and the fall series started in November. There were times in the spring we would have to break up the ice along the bulkhead in order to launch the boats. And I do remember sailing in snow squalls. The trophy sat idle for a while and then was repurposed for last place qualifier for the Wednesday night PHRF series. Funny thing is our new Fleet Captai
  4. Was there a year and a half ago. Last trip abroad before the COVID shut down.
  5. I won the Bullseye trophy several times back in those days. The Bullseye is for the last place qualifier. Meaning not only are you slow, but you are dumb enough to keep showing up week after week without showing any improvement.
  6. A Toms River Pram, thanks for the memories, I mean nightmares. The outside dock is built, so that would make this early 80s. At least that isn't me.
  7. Nay, both drivers will beat Vettel this year.
  8. This was intentional. They couldn't get a CO unless there was an accessible fire escape.
  9. My guess is there weren't enough boats sold to warrant it. I know when I was waiting for my J/100 to be built; I scoured the web for any reference to a J100. I still search occasionally. I’ve follow J100’s results occasionally: Early on Bad Girl/Good Girl and Dr. Laura’s J/100 (she owned a lot of J boats). Lately, I’ve been following the two J/100s who race in the Annapolis Wednesday night series. It’s funny: There are two J/100s at our Yacht club and we usually fight over 1st and 2nd each week. Down in Annapolis the J/100s are usually last and second to last. I guess t
  10. I do turn my AP on, but it is on standby 99% of the time, there are some maneuvers that I need it, usually when hoisting or lowering the main sail while under power. Eleven season with this unit so far and no problems with it. When racing with a full crew, I there is a quick disconnect pin in the transom that takes a few seconds to separate the two. Then I have a Velcro tie down to keep the AP cable away from the quadrant. The first summer I had the boat, heading into my slip and suddenly the tiller would only turn in one direction. The Velcro has been there ever since.
  11. I actually sail and race both single and and double handed preferring a tiller. I found getting around the wheel, especially a big one, is wasted energy. Plus, hoisting and jibing the Asym with the tiller between my legs is fairly easy. On the down side you do need a decent Auto Pilot. Mine is a below deck AP, with a quadrant on the rudder shaft. I don't usually activate the AP, but I leave the linkage connected which acts as a damper on the tiller, so I can actually let go for a few seconds without getting in trouble.
  12. Actually, buy a J/100 and keep the tiller, there is room for 4 adults in the cockpit in front of the traveler and out of the way of the helm. And you can squeeze a couple of more on the transom.
  13. Had to really zoom in to see this: An ancient alien on Mars.
  14. These people. United airlines just invested $1.8 billion into Archer's eVTOLs. Instead of driving to the airport, you take one of these. Autonomous Pilot or remote drone pilot. They expect these to become popular for big city commuting. Toyota just invested $394 million into this one:
  15. This episode was tough to watch, but the good news is Cerberus survives!
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