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  1. As Massa said in the post race interview. Not only was Hamilton the driver of the day, he was the driver of the weekend!
  2. Just when you are starting to think that maybe Bottas is better then we think, given is pole position today. He falls asleep at the start, lets 2nd and 3rd place qualifiers simultaneously pass him in the first corner and he's going so slow that the 7th place qualifier runs into his butt. At least he took fastest lap away from RB, but that was after nap time.
  3. Poor Martin Brundle gets the snub from a rapper that probably has no idea what F1 is: https://www.tmz.com/2021/10/24/megan-thee-stallion-forumula-1-racing-martin-brundle-entourage-question/
  4. The real shame is if Mercedes hadn't screwed up Hamilton's pit stop (4 point something seconds) this wouldn't have happened.
  5. The Stewards find against Max: 3 grid place penalty at the next race and 2 penalty points. Horner says it was a racing incident and will not protest. I guess that means Red Bull is not going to have Albon drive the track by himself tomorrow to prove Hamilton's line was incorrect.
  6. Well that was fun! Fantastic for McLaren and the Champagne Shoey is back! This may be a season for the books with Max and Lewis trading punches.
  7. I worked on 23rd and Madison and watched him climb from my office.
  8. It's official! https://www.formula1.com/en/latest/article.mercedes-announce-george-russell-will-partner-lewis-hamilton-in-2022.jtndbCmN3CR8Lm9s54e4T.html
  9. Two laps under safety car gets you 50% championship points. Basically just for qualifying. The leader board briefly showed Max with the fastest lap, but since he only got 12.5 points for the day, I guess they decided to give the fastest lap to the safety car driver. I think the FIA did this so that all the teams that whined about losing an engine in the last race therefore facing a grid penalty further down the road, may have gotten their engine back. Happy for George Russel and his first podium. Before Max came on to the podium and it was just George and Lewis: the ann
  10. The one above is fake. However, the one below is legit.
  11. Red Bull to F1 we have evidence, lots of evidence. FIA "OK?". But we have evidence, we will release the Kraken (A.K.A. A video of former F1 driver Alex Albon, trying to mimic Hamilton's line on an empty track). FIA ""NO!". Another Kraken bites the dust! Along with Bed Bull's credibility.
  12. Work gave me one (with a monochromatic screen) so I could work at home. While waiting for jobs to run I had a golf game to play. Because the "on-line" system used to automatically go down at midnight, I would wait until then to log in and work. Don't even want to think about how slow the dial-in speed was.
  13. Since this is SA and following down the Morgan James rabbit hole: Morgan James with the Skivvies:
  14. A different take on a podium: They put the top three finishers in a tractor trailer (with big cutouts on the side), placed a laurel around each of their necks, and drove them around the track at a 10th of the speed they were just doing... So the adoring fans could wave to them. Seems like even at that speed, without a 5 point harness, standing was an issue. And no one said "moo".
  15. Rod Johnstone returned one from Bermuda last year. Someone DH a J/100 in the Transpac when that boat first came out, so I don't see why not.
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