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  1. My favourite from back in the IOR days and before Alex Thompson made the mast walk famous. Start of the annual Cock-of-the-Bay on board the Dubois 1/2 tonner Highway Patrol. Kite halyard jammed and as the resident FDU member onboard went up the stick to fire the pin - no time for a harness, chair etc. The "good ol' days".
  2. Dates for 2013 Geelong Festival of Sails now released: Measurement event starts Thurs 24th Jan - assume this is Melbourne -based racing; Passage Race on Friday 25th Jan. Passage race on the Friday means time off work for the working class - not content to have it on the Saturday? Organisers still trying to extract as many $$$ as they can by trapping us inside the world's most expensive drinking establishment for as long as possible? Will be interesting to see if any lessons have been learned from last year's fiasco....?
  3. Notice of Race for 2012 Geelong Series (Festival of Sails) now available from a new Web Site - www.festivalofsails.com.au. First point of note - the huge increases in entry fees.... $720 for Premier Racing (up from $495 in 2011 (45%)) - oh and chuck in another $55 if you want AMS with that (not bad return for just clicking another button on Top Yacht ). Performance $480 (up from $395 - up 21%) - plus $55 for the extra scoring. Cruising $375 (up from $235 - up 60%). This is sure to generate some discussion from owners, many of whom felt they were already being ripped off last year!
  4. See list here:http://www.topyacht.com.au/ams/ams_list_display.php Lots of chatter about this going around the club bars this week. AMS is a rating system with a secret fudge factor; the playing field will never be level Pity they didn't leave the old list in the on-line archives for direct comparison so we have to go find last season's result sheets. Benny 40s increase is good but agree may not be enough. In reality, A-Tens are generally not well enough sailed with exception of Exec Dec & maybe Top Gun on a good day so not much real threat there. 11M ODs will be ordering new shelves f
  5. Great job by the Dolly to take out the Audi Sydney-Gold Coast Race..... also good to see another Melbourne boat on the podium with Wicked winning IRC Div 3 after getting redress for their assistance to Wasabi (who lost their keel). Good to see that good seamanship gets recognised by racing officials, although I bet the other Bene F40's are not so sure given they were pushed back to 2nd and 3rd after the redress!! More under separate thread in ocean racing anarchy.... http://forums.sailinganarchy.com/index.php?showtopic=122726&st=175
  6. The composite rigging they ordered hasn't turned up, so no mast in the boat I spose that's fair enough then. ... and I was about to offer a rumour that the reason was that in their last training session recently, they blew-up all the new gear that has recently gone onto the boat after a major wipe-out that left a couple of crew in the drink, and now have to complete some additional repairs....
  7. Yeah...... the paint job is very impressive with some more polishing being carried out yesterday. Maybe the paint job for a 55 foot hard stand boat is for selling purposes only and not for the extra speed advantage? It sure is difficult to train the crew up if this boat relies on a travel lift for sailing? I guess the inshore boat is for Sydney and the offshore (current boat) to be based in Melbourne! So in summary, it seems we are unlikely to see Dolly nor Shogun as (regular) competitors in Melbourne racing this coming season. Add Cougar to that mix, Terra focussed on interstate a
  8. It's time to face it. Div 0 is dead so the guys in Div 1 better start getting used to the big boats being back in that Division. This being the case, I wonder whether a certain former Div 0 owner will be going ahead with his recent purchase order of one of the Ker 40's from Macca's. It's official: SYC has dumped Div Fuckall from their Centenary event with the couple of entries now shoehorned into Div One. I wonder how those boats will go starting on a line with more than 5-6 other boats for the first time in a while. Just like a chocolate milkshake, only crunchy? Of more int
  9. So who is turning up for this new season-closer Regatta at SYC? More entries starting to come in slowly. Looks like many of the big boats are already in maintenance mode or mothballed. Goldfinger and Scarlet are starters, but doubt we will see Cougar, Calm, Dolly, Shogun, Terra. If they don't show, is it really worth running D0 ? Maybe more interesting to see how these guys go against the D1 boats like the Bene 45's, 40's, S38's, etc - particularly on the multiple, short-course race format. Program format looks good, but real question will be whether there is any wind around to r
  10. Cinquante will be there Looks like all the usual suspects will be there.... see linky.... https://www.topyachtsoftware.com/db/aus/entrants_display.php?SeriesID=934&Task=ShowSeriesEntrants&EventID=129
  11. Bump! All gone quiet on this thread lately..... is there no more gossip/news/rumours/lies happening around Port Phillip? Has everyone packed up for the Summer? Still one more CMS to go this weekend, but seems that interest with the D0 owners is not that strong any more.... is D0 dead? Should it be there next year, or folded into D1? Hmmm suspect a few D1 owners would have plenty to say about that...? CMS results look mostly sorted anyway... at least in D0 and1; D2 & 3 still have some doubt, although Audi PS looking strong in D2. D3 looks like a battle of the Young 88's.
  12. I appreciate you point of view. If that is the general consensus, why does SYC enter a team, considering the cost of entry is born by the members? Save the $1000 and put it to use elsewhere? If so where? SYC smacked again. I'd suggest you just not bother in future. It's becoming embarrassing for you guys. Surprise, surprise - << yawn >>. So, does anyone care ? Negative Obviously some care as they were out there (proudly?) doing their best for their Club. Even a frustrating day's racing still beats a day not out there racing! Don - re your post re
  13. Annual Port Phillip inter-club measurement handicap teams challenge - the Association Cup - is approaching... Mar 19. Good move to change it to a 1-day event instead of 2 this year... Can anyone take this off RYCV? Will Royals dust off and roll out their one-race-a-year fleet again... that still can't be beaten? How many A10's will Royals include in their team? Can SYC get their fleet to actually show up? Can the other Clubs get enuff boats together to make up a team? Does anyone really care?
  14. Classic example of media sensationalising.... Amazing that those of us that battled the elements actually survived such a life-threatening ordeal!!??
  15. For the CMS race, word is that prior to racing the RO consulted the BOM who advised that the Gale warning related to the Sth end of the Bay, and the Nth end was more of a "strong wind warning". IMHO, its good to have a race held in stronger conditions to test boats and crew work. Squirts through of around 35kn just after the start, but most of the race was in 20-25kn and the seas gave the fleets some awesome downhill rides. Well done to Exec Decision, JAMH and Wicked in Div 1 who seemed to handle the conditions best. Interesting that, apart from Veloce, the Div 0 boats seemed to go
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