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  1. I would like to see a time lapse video of the output soot from the flue. I assume the metho burns clean, black soot from the diesel until it gets up to temp then the flue burns clear?
  2. A rare thing, a spark plug for a diesel, yes they can be spark ignition. Mercury 175 diesel two stroke outboard sparkplug
  3. I have used twin 175 Mercury 2 stroke diesels, go like the clappers on a RHIB but I have been told they sell at about US$30,000 each.
  4. Thank you for all the detailed replies. Lots of good info. Zonker, much appreciated and I will gladly cough up the drink.
  5. I was hoping the TRANSPAC boats go back to the West Coast stuffed in on an angle in a 40ft container. Do they usually sail back upwind or on a cargo ship?
  6. Most of the replies above do not consider modern 'drop stitch' inflatable technology. The stiffness you can get with a modern drop stitch SUP or kayak is impressive. Once the technology evolves and drop stitch can be sewn in compound curves I think it is highly possible you could make a excellent sailing dinghy. Longevity is the issue, the boat would be expensive and PVC boats fail after a couple of years in the tropics. I have direct experience with a 18m old Razorlite kayak having major seam failure, day one of holiday use in Vanuatu.
  7. I have long admired Hobie 33s from a distance in Australia. A couple of questions about them: 1. When trailering does the spade rudder have to be dropped out of the bottom? 2. Can a 33 fit in a 40ft Hi top shipping container?
  8. Video can't be viewing in Australia due to regional restrictions.
  9. I not worried about COVD as I race single or double handed with family. I think a Strava like app would improve sailing. I would like a group to post a course and challenge people to compete it over the next week. Because of work/family commitments I have trouble making WAGS/SAGS. But I could look at the forecast over the next week, chose my weather free time window and have a crack at the course. Group uses handicap system in the app to call the winner. If beer can racing it would work to get me out there more often and I think others as well.
  10. Rob, I like the idea and your mock ups. The idea of racing a set course over a week then comparing results would be fun. You could choose you weather window to improve your time. I also like the idea of adventure racing with something similar to a Strava App. Who's fastest over a series of passages could increase the fun and get people out there.
  11. Ferenc Mate shows a Thermos mount in his book. I have tried to buy something similar but can't find anything for sale. Ideally I would like something like a spirits dispenser, push up to get a tea refill while on watch. Any ideas? Airpots are too large and bulky to mount in my galley
  12. Adding a fixed bowsprit does not cost any more in a marina around my area if you have a small boat. The minimum marina berth is 10m, anything smaller than that is still charged at a 10m cost. At 7.4m I have room for a couple meters of clutter. The question for me is which way to go. Fixed prodder which is simplicity, cheaper and maintains watertight integrity. But start line and around the bouy manoeuvring becomes more anxious, especially single handed. Retractable prodder is the opposite to above.
  13. Thanks for the responses. A retractable may be the better option.
  14. Thanks, the boat will primarily be sailed shorthanded, I was thinking of a Harken Reflex system, but with the $AUS falling I may have to find a cheaper option. I had a similar system with my last gennaker furler, the endless furling line back to a block on a bungy in the cockpit. It worked well. The cabin on this boat will make it slightly more complicated.
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