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  1. Did she get the dog in the carrier and the carrier on her back by herself or is there an accomplice?
  2. Alternatively you can also explore electric outboard options and eliminate gas altogether. Pretty spendy though... Agree with other posters, if gas, then need to ensure liquid & vapors are allowed / encouraged to go overboard instead of in. Of course, overboard leads to environmental issues. Keep oil / gas absorb maps aboard.
  3. Guess who is going to get a free seat on the next Virgin Galactic flight
  4. Torqueedo Cruise may fit your application.
  5. Any photos of before it came apart? Maybe set in the missing piece and take more photos? I can't envision what you are trying to repair but that is probably just me. Likely I won't be a big help in the fix either.
  6. Made me laugh with the Hogan's Heroes reference. Recently thought about using a reference from the show in another thread but decided it may be too un-PC for the time we are living in.
  7. Heard somewhere (likely this forum) that Rick's (Star Guy) truck was specially modified for the weight up top. Agree that if the guy in GMD's post is doing a one-off, it is a recipe for doom and unmitigated failure. Wonder what they are using for a rack and why they cannot lower it the foot or so that appears between the trailer frame and the truck cab. Every little bit would help.
  8. I had an Advance FD in the late '70s/early '80s. Think it was a '68 model. Single floor and side tanks running to the transom. There was another in town that had seats in the cockpit. Think I detect seats in your pic. Can't help with the mast. Think my boat had a replacement mast. Don't call the details.
  9. If you really want internal, could you cut the inside skin, remove the core and fill with epoxy in an area just large enough for the transducer?
  10. I have several Henri Lloyd smocks I bought for occasional crew when when I was in the PNW. Donned one this year for a session pressure washing the screened room. The "Stretch PU coated fabric cuffs and collar" looked good when I put it on but stretching it over my hear the PU split and started flaking everywhere. Bummed but after hanging on the boat or in the closet for 20+ years, what should I expect. Hate to just toss new looking gear but probably not worth the repair costs (if even available) Guess I will wait until I have another "real need" and get the current tech then.
  11. Even your alternative puts to sea to avoid hurricanes. Just saying....
  12. Put a metric shit ton of money into boat prep Sail with rockstars Get pickle dishes Worlds
  13. Recently went to the local hardware store for propane. Expected an exchange and was pleasantly surprised to find they did refills. Speaking of refills, if you go small on the boat, can you have a large tank at home and do your own refill of the small tank?
  14. Just toying with the thought of solar. Looked (very) briefly at the TESLA solar tile roof. The online calculator said it would be about $100K over the cost of a new shingle roof. (which I will soon need) Even if the electric bill goes from $200/mth to a credit of $200/mth, that is about 21 year break even at today's rates. Could be a hedge against higher rates. I'm sure standard panels are much less expensive. Any roof option will be a fight with the HOA. One of the few specific items in the CCR is dimension shingles. Everything else is pretty much left up to the Architectural d
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