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  1. Two ads for Colgate 26s in Indiana on Sailboatlistings. There is still one here at the club in Indianapolis. Think it is this ad Colgate 26 #1 If it is this one, the name has been removed Colgate 26 #2 Of course, both may be available and only one is stored at the club.
  2. I'm sure you have already thought about this, three of the same strainer = 1 spare. Three of different type strainers = multiple spares.
  3. You have a choice to run the "whole house" or power a few essential circuits. The house my wife and I bought has a power vent on the gas water heater so no electric, no hot water. The basement waste water goes through a sump and is pumped up into the sanitary sewer so again, no electric, not water use in the basement. Additional things to think about. Cummins also offers a line of home back up generators. Think they are generally priced a bit higher than comparable Generac units.
  4. Gave some serious thought to the Ultimate 24 listed here. Spoke to the owner who indicated tons of interest and two offers on the table. Expects to accept one soon. In the end, for me, I think it was too much boat for this lake and for introducing my family to sailing. (not sure how much the 5.5ft draft would further reduce the sailable area of the lake) I have been watching the main (as I know them) sites for private sales. i.e. Sailing Anarchy Classifieds (BTW, why do we have to go to the FP to access instead of direct from Forums?) SailingTexas, SailboatListings and local Craigsli
  5. Caveat 1: Never say Never Caveat 2: There are a lot of good books written by authorities on sailing. Much better resources that anonymous posts partially exploring all the inter-related factors. A simplified way to think about it is that the closer to horizontal the mast becomes, the less effective the wind is at pushing it down. At the same time the more effective the keel is at trying to bring the boat back upright. If you can release the sheets, the boat "should" pop back up. If stuck on your side for long enough, water "could" enter the boat through a hatch or companion
  6. NP "Shoal draft" means a keel that is relatively short so a boat can sail in shallower water. The ballast (weight) in the keel helps keep the boat upright. When hanging straight down (boat level side to side) it does not take much effort to initiate some heeling. (i.e. first person steps onto the boat) The more the boat heels over, the more effort it takes to hold the keel up from being straight down. The boat is said to "stiffen up" as it heels more.
  7. Since it is a line, it is not a swing keel. The centerboard will increase pointing capability and reduce leeway Reducing leeway leads to more heeling. You can try sailing board up for comfort at the expense of being able to point well to windward.
  8. The drawing on SailboatData looks to be a shoal draft keel with centerboard to improve windward ability, not a swing keel wherein the ballast moves as the keel is lowered. Is the lowering & raising mechanism a simple line (perhaps multi-purchase) or a fixed winch with a steel cable? If line, then centerboard without ballast. In the event there is ballast in the movable part, are you sure the keel was all the way down? Ideally there should be a way to lock the keel when down so that in the event of a capsize over 90 degrees the keel down not fall back to the boat.
  9. Time to draft a note to Flexofold. "Dear Sirs, Knowing the immense value that real world testing provides to product development I would like to offer you the opportunity to place a prototype folding prop on my 3.0. As compensation for providing you with data from my experience all I would ask for is a production prop when it becomes available and the cost of a haul out to replace the prototype with the production prop. Sincerely, Bull City"
  10. Congratulations!!! Looking forward to the tales of further adventures in 5o5 land.
  11. Fair point I was going on the "assumption" that an owner would know what it is and put that in the ad. Presumably could have been abandoned in the yard and is being sold for back rent. Guess it may have been abandoned when they figured out how much a new keel would cost. One never really know the full story
  12. Wonder if the ad is correct on "no keel" or if it is simply hidden inside.
  13. For anyone going "Oh, man..." there is another on the market. Ranger 26-2 (Ohio) @catahoulayou may want to grab it for spare parts. No affiliation to seller.
  14. Here you go Herreshoff 12.5 no affiliation, just saw the ad while browsing
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