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  1. LSD summary of ETNZ win: https://www.livesaildie.com/impressive-etnz-win-the-36th-americas-cup/?fbclid=IwAR0DoMKrYcssv7Mb6TmP5SxFTvQNcVeKKLVlXXlTOkyCA0YmF_MR8AWffzo
  2. GD is working on another funding model that does NOT include Govt money. This is not a case of the Govt reluctant to give TNZ money. It is a case of TNZ not wanting Govt money or any Govt involvement in AC37. (ps. we should be discussing this in the TNZ thread!)
  3. JR: Hey Grant I want to be COR GD: OK Jim, Akld, in 4 years, same boat. JR: What about a one on one Grant? GD: Make me a good offer JR: $100M GD: Done!
  4. I like the new rules. 1. Immediate statement of intention to provide some clarity for those wishing to put together a syndicate. 2. Nationality rules are good. If you think of the teams in NZ over the last few months we always referred to them as the Italians, the Americans, the British (poms) and the Kiwi's. Not like Oracle and Alinghi who were teams of hired guns. The enormous support Team GB, LRPP, and ETNZ got was because they were national teams, full of patriots (except JS) 3. Not sure about the Isle of Wright race but it will give TR the opportunity to stretch her legs, s
  5. Off their foils already!
  6. Ernesto asked to buy ETNZ's first boat and TNZ said - go away! Now the Protocol slams the door on non-national crew. There seems to be a theme here - and good job!
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