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  1. Festool is the best, there are no others that compare. Expensive, but after 30 plus years its the best system ive have ever used.
  2. It is cored, believe it is a closed cell foam. But if they are leaking then i suspect the core in the deck is also wet, which is balsa, so extra investigation should be conducted. Is this euro trash girl?
  3. Moved J120s plenty of times. Bow pulpit and first two, running aft, stanchion's must be removed and the wheel. You will then clear. I believe i have the shipping document that Jboat produced showing all the dimension. If you want it send me a message. Which J120 you looking at
  4. Varan is correct, if you have too much slack in the tack line, i.e. floating then you will likely wrap it. Also found using a block on end of sprit made the issue worse. A dyneema lashed hard ring did work better.
  5. We mounted ours in the half bulkhead (from the bottom of the hull) in the garage right next to the door. Mounted handle on the wall beside it and had a long length of hose coiled up. Discharge was through the side wall of the swiming platform. Pasted every offshore race we sailed, including Bermuda
  6. Eagle wings for sale in Grendada looks like its an alum rig in the boat.
  7. i was wondering why it was not listed. So its confirm it is head to Detroit
  8. Rasin Cane is former Morning Glory out of Bermuda
  9. Stu- Thank you for your comments re J/120 for offshore cruising. I'm interested in any other pointers you might want to offer. There appears to be good consensus in the sailing community that it is a good offshore boat. I am also aware of potential issues with the rudder bearing.



  10. I thought Tim was keeping it for beer can racing? Whos got the listing
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