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  1. Think so. Better if the mast had broken instead. Facebook post has been removed……..
  2. From the M15 facebook page. "Sailed in 10-20 today. Oversteered the jibe and over we go. Low tide, mast stuck in mud and won’t budge. As my crew and I are hanging out on the hull waiting for a motor boat, noticed spider crack in middle of hull. Cause? Need to be repaired? Sucked to get towed in caked in river mud"
  3. Seems the blocks have been pulling out of the booms. Supplier fixing on site. One broken rudder that I know of. Simply, it was not that windy.
  4. “Completely different boat”………no kidding. Seeing Kerman’s name opened an old and very deep wound. Over and out.
  5. The Carbon 32 had multiple rudder failures. And only 6 boats built. Shaft was a frickin rectangle. Maybe .75-1.0” thick on one side, 3-4” the other way. The carbon fiber strands would explode under load. Most inadequate!
  6. So is the VP like their 3rd employee? I’m thinking it it still a couple of guys working out of their basement. Can somebody tell me it ain’t so?
  7. Yo Bowgirl! Still a Lightning fleet in Nigeria?
  8. Melges now selling Vakaros on their website.
  9. Wasn't the late, great Larry Klein on a 33 when he drowned. Early/mid 1990's. Anybody know what happened to that boat?
  10. Only been 11 years! One of the all time SA classics. Post it again, will ya Keel?
  11. Gouv, you are 60 some years old. Life is too short. Get rid of these demons and enjoy what time you still have on this earth This poison is only shortening your life.
  12. Fred, you are getting seriously deranged.
  13. I was gonna defend the Gouv until I read some of his PA posts. Now, I don't think so.
  14. Welcome back SIR! You race a boat the the way it was meant to be raced! Are you sailing again?
  15. SA ought to have a separate section for the truly classic stuff like this! Hate to lose it.
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