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  1. Gotta respect all your tools BUT really gotta respect the big ASS counter rotation mixers
  2. Is it really a good idea to go 3.5 really large on something so something so poorly explained
  3. I don’t know what to say from living in NY and SC but when NY opened up DMV to non legal residents everyone sure as shit had so much paperwork DMV was crippled for almost one year giving out Drivers Licenses I have to say getting a real ID in every state is a PITA as your EXISTING Real ID is not a valid form of ID in a new state and you gotta go with all kinds of crazy original documents Our election system seems to be formed around making as many political patronage jobs as possible as its primary GOAL
  4. https://ronniemac69.com Ronny Mac and the fact that people let him influence there children is the ultimate example of our decline
  5. They caught my interest this year for the variety and short life as a few hours can kill the appearance
  6. I have good success with and IPhone 6S plus which added more shake reduction the newer more expensive our better just not sure how better
  7. It happened here in South Carolina BUT I have still never seen anyone who wasn’t hunting doing and open carry as no guns inside signs our on so many stores and and parks
  8. It’s nothing new in PA as there has always been a very visible aryan presence in the Pocono area
  9. I never had much success with Math the way they it taught unless I could use it to due something useful such as when I Started to have to Program CNC machines in the late 70s and calculators will still so expensive you used the Trig Log Book for Sine
  10. CVS is in general your most expensive option
  11. My son is a DSS agent and finished his Kabul tour in June and the never ending IED explosions made for a stressful year for everyone involved
  12. Just walking vigorously 1 hour everyday will do you a world of good and be easy to measure progress You will have to swim really hardcore to give your heart the same benefit
  13. Be careful as a few neighbors yards got totaled this year and had to go new sod I will Ask my lawn guy what he used as he has turned my Horry Weeds/Grass into good looking all grass with generally moderate 3 time a week watering A few neighbors have done good with a really short almost golf green grass but mostly it’s a longer variety and again I will ask The clover was DEFINITELY sprayed as it was spreading crazy and taking over huge areas
  14. A local agent would be best as there pretty similar but can work out differently depending on the total picture The basic Medicare is easy assuming he worked enough to qualify for Social Security I picked a plan N supplement as it meant my Needs BUT to make things difficult you have to pay separately and it can be monthly or quarterly by debit or mail a check I picked a drug Humana supplement and this is the biggest decision as the coverage can vary quite a bit and you need to research the drug requirements BUT the payment comes directly out of your Social Security
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