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  1. fe2862ca-821a-479f-84b1-c4f0ca2e3ed7.MP4
  2. Depends on the definition of device. Do the Melges 24's use a device? Anyway after consulting with rule makes we now just have hiking straps and it is much better to sail and maybe faster. _addy.reaching
  3. No we haven't used it. We are a daysailer so at this stage no overnight offshore racing. In the early days we tried reefing the main but it was dog slow so now we reduce headsails and blade the main. I think we are good to 30k with full main. Keep in mind we are relatively underpowered compare with a M32 or other HP30's. The real question is do you want a a 30ft'er for Cat3 or a fun sports boat for day sailing. I've sailed on San Fran Bay and I think the 30ft ultra light(1200kg) lower sail area concept would be perfect, not so for regions where the winds are lighter and the water lumpier.
  4. The Cadillac, now 7 years in development, is a cross between a sports boat and a super 30/HP30. It weighs about 500kgs less than Melges 32's etc and carries less sail area but is so much more fun to sail if you enjoy dinghies or sports boats. The yacht in front is a GP 42, faster upwind and much faster in the ocean but we can give them the shits downwind in flat water.
  5. Sorry, correct. Use it for start time and tactical upwind because it has big number display, that's what we are used to and it has solar charging. The Valkaros was added because we wanted heel angle and we are still getting used to it. P.S. Nice sail today in 20k on the Swan River 19.7k top speed.
  6. Top one is a Vakaros new for this race brought because it displays heel and inclination. Middle is an old Raymarine tactical in case the Valkaros didn't work and for start time and the bottom is a Puck for boat speed. The Valkaros does everything in one.
  7. upside down photo sorry.
  8. 16.5 knots in about 16-20k of wind catching the 47.
  9. Did it again 2 years in a row. Div 1 IRC results R1 R2 R3 R4 R5 R6 Raw Final after 1 drop The Cadillac 1 1 5 1 1 1 10 5
  10. Perfect for San Francisco Bay and easy to sail down wind in 25k but it won't get there because it is a one off and the mould has been destroyed. I hope the next design for a 30 ft'er weights in at 1200-1300kg rather than 1700kg as they are now and then we will see some real exciting performance. Personally I prefer the Melges 24 to the Melges 32 because it is lighter and more responsive.
  11. We started with 400kg then bulb 2 was 500kg but we found I too bulky and felt we were tripping over it downwind. Bulb 3 we bulb 2 shaved down to 450kg but the shape not ideal. The latest is a complete new keel and bulb, lower drag but longer chord and 100mm deeper. The biggest improvement came from getting the rig and sails right. We couldn't keep the forestay tight in the early days, now we have twin backstays and runner winches and far more control on the sail shape. We also sail with 7 up from the original 5 which has improved upwind speed whilst downing doesn't seem to have suffered.
  12. Cat 6 + so lifelines not required we even had an Etchells in the race. The Cadillac is a 9.4m one off created on the back of how much the owner and crew loved the fun and excitement of the Melges 24 and Sportsboats concept of light displacement. Let me be clear, this is for daysailing and round the buoys sailing and we were competing with ocean racers capable and, with a record of, competing in classics such as the Sydney to Hobart. That said I think the IRC compensates for this and a rating of 1.123 foe a 32ft boat seems fair. Also, as you may observe it is has a relatively small rig and unde
  13. 4 years of development and finally getting our act together. Even winning IRC.
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