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  1. The Steamer is, in fact, a turd Bowgirl is in love You sailed a SJ24 around the marble Woody's date with a Dutch girl didn't go well You moved to Seattle or Portland or Vancouver You have something coming UPS to your old home You have soup allergies You may be Stig You know nothing about ducks Calvin is winning the crossword You have a bill from the dentist coming in the mail I was bored
  2. Just shut the fuck up already. Seriously, how fucking deluded are you? No one needs your approval, ever. You're like a broken record with nothing useful to add, repeating the same drivel in different forms. Tell you what, if you get a bill somehow related to this folly, I'll pay it for you. Until then, shut the fuck up and let the man and his family do what they want, regardless of how you feel about it.
  3. He's probably on his way to McCovey Cove - Giants hosting the Dodgers @ 7:15p.
  4. No shit, what an insufferable fuck. And who the fuck signs their name after every fucking forum post they make when their screen-name and avatar are clearly visible? Is he so proud of his babble that he feels the need to stamp it with his authority? Can you imagine having to sail with this prick??! He almost makes SloopJonB seem tolerably modest. Almost.
  5. Just the name and hailing port in smallish simple font........Flag Blue in color to match the cover stripe. I would encourage you to look at possibilities beyond the fonts you find on MS Word. There are some pretty cool options available, depending on what your looking for. Go to myfonts.com Type in Francis Lee or Bainbridge Island and see what you come up with. You can play around with it and see if anything jumps at you. They aslo have a feature that allows you to upload a sample of a font you like (but can't identify) and they will match it up. fwiw
  6. Checking in after being out of town for a bit. Boat looks absolutely beautiful! <understatement> After reading about getting the boot stripe perfect, I couldn't help but wonder what the final word on graphics was?
  7. Is it too late for ChromaFlair on the mast & boom?
  8. And fuck you Sloop JonB - You have been the biggest misanthropic, know-it-all, whiny bitch on this thread. Now you're bored with whacking your own tiny dick 6 times a day and wondering why this thread isn't going anywhere? Tell you what, fuck off. Go do something and then post a new thread about it. Or STFU, bail the Rod out of jail for a small bag of loonies, give your pecker a break, and sit back and wait for this thread to validate your existence.
  9. I thought this thread was started by U20guy? Did he change his name and exit stage-left?
  10. has not been on SA since June 5 -- as per profile info -- sent an inquiry if he was ok, --but don't know if he will see it. The whole Lil' Murray thing seems fishy. One minute he's here 24/7, posting pics and 'innerviews'. The next minute, he's MIA. And when I ask about his welfare, I get some tool telling me to layoff because he's got a life and a job!! Does his new life/job not include the interwebs? Odd.
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