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  1. Also notice that the main has too much twist. Top batten should be parallel to the boom, the batten telltale should be just lifting. All I read about headstay tension sounds just about right. Since you have new sails, it is a common mistake to trim them in too tight, but 8 inches off of the leeward spreaders is TOO loose. Also check your lead. May be too far forward, but hard to tell in photo. All telltales along luff should break evenly.
  2. waX, Thanks so much, there is lots of information here that I don't have. Interesting on the electrical panel layout, mine is on the starboard side. (hull 72) I also have some outhaul work to do on the boom. Art
  3. Thanks. Might be what I need. Need to reconnect the mast lights after the yard cut the cables to unstep the mast for shipping.
  4. Does anybody have, or know how to obtain a wiring diagram for a J-28? Attempted to obtain one thru J-boats but no luck. Anybody out there have one? Thanks
  5. Looks heavy. I had a 7.9. which was a great boat, but it would not break its speed limit of 8 knots. Also see a serious transom crack just to the left of the rudder.
  6. Hope the photo is recent. Have seen some forlorn photos of her recently.
  7. An extremely SWEET sailing boat. Helped deliver for Key West when new.
  8. How about getting rid of the freakin balsa core??
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