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  1. the Antrim won't be in TP as it's too small, but it will be in Pac Cup next year
  2. Yeah, I can't disclose my source, but I would believe reasonably accurate as he is a pro sailor that runs in the VOR circles. Again, it's just a rumor that was passed to me. He said "blah blah blah, and rumors that Mirpuri isn't even doing the big race..." Being a sailing journalist, I hear a lot of rumors but always keep tight-lipped about where they come from, or else they wouldn't keep telling me shit!
  3. Unfortunately I have heard the same rumor. What about the Kiwi's? I did not see them mentioned in the above posts, but thought they were pretty locked and loaded with their VO65 for The Ocean Race?
  4. thank you! the upcoming Transat Jacques Vabre and other French racing is looking very exciting!
  5. Same as the boat I was going to deliver. They are doing Pac Cup, which is already claiming something like 78 entries!!!
  6. Rumors I hear from people directly involved with running the race are that the odds of a race happening are less than 50/50, but certainly better than 0. Like last year at Pac Cup and Sydney - Hobart, etc, people are all still planning on it and hoping, but there are some big hurdles. There are a lot of travel restrictions which hinder crew movement and movement of loved ones. A lot of boats can't legally do full-crew practices. There are less tune up races, etc etc. A lot of boats have already pulled the plug or will likely pull the plug. Also, the parties almost certainly won't b
  7. yes, and Sodebo just announced yesterday that they'll be taking part! Gitana is signed up as well and will be sporting all new foils and appendages. Actual Leader 2 is in as well.
  8. L'Occitane has been sold to Louis Burton and will be Bureau Vallee 3. in an interview, Louis mentioned being interested in Hugo Boss, but the price was way too high. He also mentioned being interested in Charal but the boat wasn't available just yet, and he wanted t a new boat now.
  9. That is very very high on our list of goals. Should be a really good horse for that course.
  10. Good call. Thanks for catching that. I edited my post to ask someone to PM me their email address.
  11. Thanks mate. I think it will be a lot of fun and a tidy little business operation in paradise. Just need the world to open up!
  12. Could anyone PM me Randy Reynolds or Scott Klodowski's email address? I have a technical question i'd like to bounce off of them. Thanks
  13. It's now about the 3 or 4 dollar bar. Still worth it The Reynolds will basically be based at the bar, haha. Make her look flash and it should be good for business. But no drinking for the skipper (me) or crew, until after the sail!
  14. Oh man, that is awesome! Small world scenario, but I grew up in Georgia, very close to Lake Lanier. But i grew up in a family of gear heads and we had ski boats, power boats and jet-skis. I didn't take up sailing until I was an adult. Would be really cool to own a Reynolds 33 on Lake Lanier. Thanks for the dagger board tip
  15. The boat is in a container right now and I am in Hawaii. We both should arrive back to Fiji in February. The boat will be based at Musket Cove.
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