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  1. An old buddy of mine had a Lake Amphibian that he was trying to operate as a tourist beach bus in the Virgin Islands. He lived in St John but was denied use of the official seaplane ramp in Cruz Bay. It had been years since the Grumman WIdgeons had operated from that old ramp and when they left the US Park Service sort of appropriated the ramp since it was within their turf. Bert had to keep his Lake at the big airport in St Thomas which sort of defeated the purpose of having an amphibian. Bert had been very generous with the guys at the airport fire station (cold beer and such) and
  2. I had just competed in the TWOSTAR race and was decompressing in Newport after wild couple of days following the finish. A windsurfing buddy from the Islands was skippering a lovely PJ Ketch that had a season slip on Bowen's Wharf and he honored me with a week in the master stateroom! What a contrast to the single bunk on the little 35' trimaran racing sloop that I had just spent 3 weeks hot bunking on the race from Plymouth, England! A nice way to return to a civilized existence and I was so grateful for the hospitality. The boat was alongside the dock right where the security gate t
  3. Here is our local wacko the Polka Dot Boat Man known as the Mayor of Perdido Key. http://s3.amazonaws.com/journal.laurelmercantile.com/uploads/2014/09/Screen-shot-2014-09-28-at-9.15.43-AM1.png
  4. I used to believe in the 'not having the tallest mast in the harbor' theory until having a strike or discharge while getting towed back into Sarasota at a Stiletto Cat National Championships. Tampa to Ft ************ could be the worst stretch of coast for lightning in the world and our OB motor was really just a fake 'race' engine with no guts in it and we had been protested and lost the day before after someone looked under the engine cover to see nothing but the recoil starter and the lower leg. The guy I raced with loved messing with peoples heads and he would pull the cord repeatedly whil
  5. Green water? Most of those times it was Blue Water all the way. Yeah I was lucky to have taken my retirement early and spend my youth on such adventures. Problem now is I can't do what the young boys do. My sea stories here are me collecting anecdotes for a book or two. I met Dave Ross when I dinghied up to Beef Island from St John to get him to give me my official Windsurfing Certification since he was a card carrying Windsurfing School and his operation in Trellis Bay was a dream come true for me. I spent the night in Road Town on the floorboards of my inflatable dinghy and actually cleared
  6. Let me know how that Logitech 'Thumball' mouse works for you when things get rough...
  7. What's up for you in Pensacola? I'm just over the state line in Alabama. Stop in for a beer!
  8. I read this statement as 'lightning litigation'...
  9. I remember Dai Sei well in the Rolex and CORC series in the VI. Cliff was the owners name and the had that boat trucking on the reaches for sure. There was an older Freedom 40 in the original 'PoopDeck' configuration that did sort of OK in earlier years sailed by a crazy Frenchman named Jean Brauer. I think it had the original aluminum spars and was used as a tourist day charter boat when not racing in cruising class. The original prototype and eventual plug of the Freedom 33 really cleaned up in the Caribbean and was sailed by a Canadian Windsurfing Champ and Olympian named Dave Ros
  10. Next time just ask the TSA officer this question.
  11. Seriously, that was sort of a welcome response to a newbie. Used to be a lot worse! I do understand your concern and am close to making a similar decision for a 50 catamaran with a carbon wing mast for Hawaii. I doubt the lightning threat in Hawaii would be as high as in your Florida location. Not many places have the potential for lightning quantity and danger. I used to work for Gold Coast Yachts who have probably built more USCG certified cats than anyone anywhere and we used to make our own needle point lightning rods by grinding a sharp point on a 3/8" SS threaded rod and connec
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