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  1. This is what happens if one procrastinates for EIGHT months before performing the simple salvage procedure outlined above!
  2. The boats are so heavily ballasted that they sink but they usually race in relatively shallow water so the next day after the worst of the hangovers subside, the crew go out in another boat to the sunken race boat and free dive (in yesteryear) and recover the iron ingots and rare (for a coral island) river stones. We are talking about pumpkin sized stones that are highly prized and often handed down over generations. Each stone has a painted code or numerals that indicate the ownership and also dictate the exact placement of the stone in the boat. The 'ballast master' is usually an older fello
  3. I'm sure we crossed tacks on occasion. Are you the white person getting straddled by the aftmost guy standing on the rail? I managed to wrangle the opportunity to join the crew of one of the older traditional Anguilla A Class (28') on August Monday yearly championships. I felt like the stuffing in an Oreo cookie! I was told to sit on the sandbags that are arranged over the ballast stones in the bilge of the boat. The sandbags add ballast weight and are better footing that wet slippery river stones. Also the sandbags allow the crew to fling big iron 4x4" sections of ingot with sail tie
  4. I was a member of the Navy Sailing Association when I was a Navy Brat in High School. Best thing that ever happened to me! My Dad would drop me off on his way to the ship when it was in port in Long Beach and I got the best into to sailing possible. My instructor/mentor was Henry Sprague and he was top dog in the US Sailing world at the time. I went though every level of qualification there and was entitled to check out a Coronado 25 for weekend trips to Catalina and I think paid $20 for the checkout. Best part was to invite my Dad to come sail to Catalina and when we arrived early on Sat morn
  5. I painted my epoxy/carbon sailplane a few years ago. I had used Awlgrip and Imron when I was building boats long ago so was familiar with what it was going to take. I spoke with a guy who owned a large autobody shop and was a member of our soaring club. He said that modern 2 part modified acrylic car paints were the way to go these days. I went to the supplier he used and took an inspection port off of my plane with the original color which he scanned into the computer and got a perfect color match as I was not painting the whole plane. Whites are the hardest to match and this was spot on. Not
  6. I think he was on a seismic survey boat so I doubt they would be in such shallow water as it was where the lift boat flipped. Hopefully they were out in deep water and didn't have any towed arrays out to complicate things. I'm thinking his silence here is due to these fellow sailors and crew are part of the GOM tribe and there may even be legal advise to keep ones mouth shut until things are sorted out. He may just be out fishing as that was what most of his posts here were all about. I think his Dad is an Anarchist here and haven't seen any word from him.
  7. Rhino3D was not developed from Freeship. If you can't afford Rhino at its price then you should take up crochet.
  8. Daughter, go and get my shotgun and my shovel...
  9. https://www.wwltv.com/video/news/capsized-liftboat-update/289-2902b394-152b-40f7-84fb-81933998cee3 I never trusted those lift boats! The press has been calling it a 'lifeboat' at times and even say that they are used to transport materials to offshore rigs. No so sure about that as they are not particularly speedy and what good do those lift spuds do in water more that 100' or so? Those things stay inshore pretty much. But then I could be wrong. We are about to get that same squall line here on the Redneck Riviera. Pretty calm now but had some heavy rains about
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