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  1. A boat that needs a backup camera?
  2. Rasputin22


    There were about 50 blank pages inside that book! I must have gotten the Cliff's Notes version... Truckers must not have much time for reading! The price was right though.
  3. Rasputin22


    I bought this book in a Truck Stop restaurant. Changed my life!
  4. Crocs for Docs http://shoesfordoctors.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/best-surgical-clogs-crocs-bistro-men-women-surgeons-1024x530.jpg No holes for blood. Nurses too! My favorite is Croc Martens
  5. I love this idea and video. I wanted to use this explosive blast forming on the Titanium catamaran and did a good bit of research on just what it would take but the client was dubious. The build was originally going to take place at Michoud NASA facility just east of New Orleans (now known as NCAM, National Center for Advanced Manufacturing) and the rocket scientists there like the idea and offered to underwrite some of the costs especially as they were really interested in the fact that we would be using Titanium. The client didn't think his big catamaran really needed to be built in the sha
  6. I have 'been there, done that' in this manner on a 50' cat with the electric drives and such and it is a huge challenge at 50' and I cant imagine trying to accomplish this in only 39'!
  7. Too many quirks crammed onto a 39'er. Looks like only 2' underwing clearance for all that top hamper. Rudder gudgeons are way too close together for the loads they will encounter. Nice renderings. But what do I know?
  8. I took a cruise to Montserrat shortly after the last big eruption and the town downflow from the volcano still looked a lot like that. So depressing and it is a real gut punch to the Islanders. I think Monserrat is still somewhat active. But the mangos thrive in the ash rich soil!
  9. Cruise ship payback to the Islanders for sure!
  10. 1902 Mt Pele on Martinique blew killing 30,000 souls almost instantly. One drunk in the jail survived...
  11. Good doc on the last big eruption. I watched just to hear the accents of the locals.
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/2021/04/09/world/americas/volcano-St-Vincent-eruption-caribbean.html
  13. Run out to Kick Em Jenny for us and see what is happening there! Maybe some boiled shrimp floating about?
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