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  1. This one is for you El Mariachi!
  2. Hope they were not whistling like this guy! I used to race on a sistership to TRIAD down in the Caribbean. HELIODE was one of 4 Le Jeloux built Creatives in France.
  3. This may be the righting effort of Triad. Looks like it was done right but will take a few stitches to sort that mainsail out... https://fb.watch/703CLTCfx5/
  4. Triad Facts Model: Newick Creative Designer: Dick Newick, the internationally renowned multihull pioneer and designer, has designed many champion trimarans including Phil Weld's GULF STREAMER, ROGUE WAVE and MOXIE. Length: 42' Beam: 28' 6" Rig: Sloop rigged 53' carbon wing mast, with 8' bowsprit, 940 square feet of working sail. History: Designed as a racer/cruiser, TRIAD was purpose-built for the Route de Rhum single-handed trans-Atlantic race in 1982. Featuring cold molded mahogany/ WestTM construction by Marc Le Jeloux of Trinite sur Mer, St. Philibert, France,
  5. My Dad and Stepmom had just arrived in Bremerhaven Germany where he would be in command of the Military Sealift Command for the Navy. It was summer and they decided to take a stroll in the beautiful, clean city park down by the river. They were so impressed with how well cared for the park was and polite everyone they met was. Until they came around a bend in the riverside trail and saw a man taking a piss in the bushes down by the river. My Stepmom was aghast at the sight of the man who took a long time shaking his member off and stuffing it back in his running shorts while grinning at her di
  6. I was under the impression that Osprey didn't mess around with other birds. Their claws have evolved to hold a fish in the streamlined position. James Audubon observed that they left other pray than fish alone (at least here on the Gulf Coast) and gave them the title 'Gentlemen of the Skies' or something to that effect. When diving after fish, Ospreys can completely submerge themselves underwater and still be able to fly away with their prey. Most other fish-eating birds of prey can only pluck fish from the surface of the water as they fly by. When they dive into the water
  7. I'm not sure who conceded that time with my Dad and I. We both just wanted it to be over. He really got into marathon running later and never was stupid to go one on one with him in that arena! Thanks for your comment Blue.
  8. Thanks, that really dug up some deep stuff between me and my Dad. I have watched your sharing here about your Dad and family and only wish my Mom had been as cool. I think our Dad's would have been in the same league. BTW, I just got off the phone with my Mom, I asked her if she had ever played strip poker or whatever it was that your Mom and here friends were up to in that photo you posted and I don't think she knew what I was referring to.
  9. That comment about the motocross guys reminded me of a pretty funny encounter with my Dad when I was in High School in San Diego. I had started surfing a couple of years earlier when we were living in Long Beach and was pretty active sailing too at the Navy Sailing Club down in Coronado. I dabbled in dirt biking but really didn't identify with that crowd but at Clairemont High School you were either a jock (team sports), a dirtbiker, a surfer or a lowrider. I was on the Tennis team but would rather have been on the school surfing team but that aspiration was way beyond my skill level. My Dad w
  10. Kim, I have personally witnessed your otter infestation but here are some fun facts you can regale your guests in the future... A single otter poop is called a "spraint" like a "spraint" ankle. A place where there are multiple spraints is called a latrine. Things You Didn't Know You Wanted to Know About Otter Poop https://infinitespider.com/river-otter-poop-fecal-facts/ Sorry, that photo is a river otter and I know that yours are sea otters are much cuter. In all due respect... Shit stinks the same though.
  11. And the gold medal winner in the 10 meter air rifle event is...
  12. $5000 BB gun? I could score bullseyes at 10 meters using spitwads... Hell, the muzzle of that long gun is 10% of the way to the target!
  13. I was going to polish my propeller, what grit did you use?
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