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  1. This is unprecedented evil! In other recent vaccine mandate history, I agree with Biden, Psaki, Walensky and Fauci. Or I did... I'm puzzled by people who don't get the vaccine but at least as puzzled by those who think govt force can/will make them.
  2. In fairness, certain Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleaders have discussed it. Trump's 'Eastman Memo' Proposed Stopping the Steal
  3. That is the pattern I see with non-readers. Just in case, here's a source you might actually approve. I mean, if you wanted to read and discuss the thread topic instead of gossiping about me. That was part 1 of a four part (so far) series by reuters. Part 2: Wrong place, wrong time Part 3: Dueling Rights Part 4: Color of suspicion
  4. China Tries Again Heh. You can't really ban math. They've tried and failed before and will fail again.
  5. Hah! Turns out that "any person" means "any person." Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored TeamR cheerleading.
  6. I'd welcome interest from others, if there were any. But most do like you and ignore or mock this issue, so it continues.
  7. An Inmate Allegedly 'Leaking Blood All Over' Was Denied Medical Treatment for Hours. The Prison Guard Gets Qualified Immunity Should justice really turn on whether a judge thinks a hand injury is serious enough, or there's enough blood? The article goes on to point out that, had a jury been allowed to deliberate on the situation, the prisoner might not have done well. He said he was cutting a can open with a knife. Other inmates said he was in a fight. Without hearing more, who cuts a can open with a knife?
  8. Indeed, the power of $peech can work wonders! I don't see the nanothermite connection though?
  9. For several reasons. First, because Tariffs on Chinese Imports Have Accomplished Approximately Nothing. Second, because to the extent they've accomplished any results, they've mostly been bad. Third because of cronies getting exemptions. Last but not least because our bloated government spends too much. A good start would be to set the example that Trump called on NATO to follow and spend 2% of GDP on "defense." And any dime spent on the stupid drug war.
  10. Cutting spending would be better. But less crony-friendly forms of taxation could be better too.
  11. ACLU weighs in favoring indoor militias Only the best people, thoroughly vetted.
  12. This is starting to seem funnier in this thread: I find the idea of an "Inside Job" to be a little too Infowars for me.
  13. Tariffs on Chinese Imports Have Accomplished Approximately Nothing Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump/Biden cheerleading.
  14. Well, they are around a lot of Jooooz up there, so would know how sneaky they can be. It would be nice to hear from more firemen. I'm pretty sure this thread is beneath Point Break's dignity but am also pretty sure it would get amusing if he showed up.
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