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  1. Careful, they'll start cutting the kids in half.
  2. A conservative porn star? The horror. At least real conservatives know who to blame!
  3. How Drug Warriors Made the 'Opioid Epidemic' Deadlier Here's the thing, Puritans: people are going to use mind altering substances for fun. It's not a great idea, but it's a popular one and laws won't change it.
  4. In more kids in cages news, Two More Whistleblowers Come Forward Alleging Neglect and Mismanagement at Migrant Youth Shelter
  5. Daniel Hale Revealed America's Drone Assassinations to the Public. He's Been Sentenced to 45 Months in Prison. Obviously, there are still authoritarian assholes who want to use secret lists against their political opponents, but I'm glad Hale helped rein those in a bit. The prosecutors' assertion that Hale did little or nothing to spur public debate about how we fight wars (or police actions) seems regrettably true.
  6. I guess LLC Wordpress speech is a kind of corporate pre$$ $peech. Judges Say Web Design Is 'Pure Speech' and That the State Can Compel It Anyway
  7. New to me. The outboards are available in two shaft lengths. Whatever those might be. The battery on the 6 hp is easy to carry. It weighs whatever. No cavitation plate on something they're calling a 6? I guess if that shaft is long enough. And it might be. Well, I took the plunge and ordered a little epropulsion outboard. Primary use will be on a Com-Pac Picnic Cat. I also want to try it on my wife's Solo Skiff. I learned a bit more about the shaft length thing. Now they have three. XS, or extra short, is, the dealer says, equivalent to a 15 inch
  8. A Safe Space for FL Cops I hope this one goes nowhere.
  9. The Fuck Biden Signs Can Stay That's more gracious than I might have been. It was a stupid case, completely devoid of any merit. Glad the ACLU was able to quickly dispense with it.
  10. You might want to read Pruneyard Shopping Center v. Robins, in which SCOTUS concluded California had the power to force a shopping mall to allow protesters to engage in advocacy there, even though it was private property. That (protected) advocacy impacts the property owners and their customers.
  11. They chimed in too. Jul 20 2021 Amicus brief of Immature & Volatile Guns Matter submitted.
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