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  1. To me, it was about Brian Williams' claim that travel (air or otherwise) can't be a constitutional right because it's nowhere in the text. It has a simple appeal to simple minds but is just wrong. But it is important to note that I do sometimes say bad things about TeamD gun bans, so thanks for bringing that up.
  2. Helps show that you’re nuttier than I previously thought. Careful! Raz will call you nutty if you mock randumb. And you might even meme agreement!
  3. Next up, he's going to check for any mention of abortion. Or maybe not. As any Koch-$pon$ored nutjob knows,
  4. Hah! You didn't debunk MSNBC and never would. I did, following your example. If I was wrong to do that, show me by correcting that example and apologizing. Maybe I'll follow your example again!
  5. Wow, I don't get any credit for personal growth at all??? A few years ago, I never would have recognized the military nature of the gun in the picture and would have called it an "ordinary .22 plinker" or something. This alarmed the good people here, who questioned whether I knew that .22's were lethal, whether I thought them harmless, whether I knew a .223 from a .22 and many other such legitimate questions. Ultimately, I came to realize that any gun that is subject to an assault weapon ban is a military weapon, hence the references to "battlefield .22's." But do I get any
  6. In vehicular looting news, Wilmington Residents File Lawsuit Challenging City’s Unconstitutional Impound Racket
  7. Seems like a good example to follow. So, considering that you used MBFC to "debunk" sources in the past, shouldn't you go back and correct yourself and apologize?
  8. We all already know the answer. A redundant network of nanothermite charges, immune to damage from the decoy airplanes that fools think had something to do with the twin towers coming down. FAQ #10: Wouldn't the planes slamming into the Twin Towers have disturbed the demolition devices? Some of the demolition devices were undoubtedly disturbed by the plane impacts, but not enough to prevent the rest of the devices from performing adequately.
  9. Some handguns are assault weapons. For example, I've been thinking of acquiring this battlefield .22: I think a pink flower on the thread protector will make this particular assault weapon seem fun and inclusive, helping with badlat's goal of making gun ownership respectable somehow. I disagree about the firing range thing, though. We shoot battlefield .22's and other guns right in the back yard and I really don't see the problem with doing it in a rural area.
  10. A windsurfer/PVC trimaran contraption with an old 9.9 hp. What could go wrong?
  11. That's beyond plump. Not quite obese, but in between. Eating well.
  12. A lot of people have great difficulty in discerning media distortions, not to mention outright lies. But curiously, most people think they are very good at that. We can bring the rigors of modern political science to bear to evaluate this. Overall, we rate the Daily Kos strongly Left Biased based on story selection that almost exclusively favors the left. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to non-vetted content and a few failed fact check and misleading claims. So, debunked. Reason, OTOH, Overall, we rate Reason Magazine Right-Center biased
  13. Is there a recommended number of bong hits to take first?
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