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  1. OK, here's an example of my concern over Duopoly warmongering from four years ago. With apologies to Bus Driver, but he did ask. Now, you say our presence is terrorism and right wing welfare, so why are you cheering for Biden's decision to prolong our terrorism and right wing welfare?
  2. I forgot to apologize for the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading I posted. Sorry as usual. But you say our presence is terrorism and right wing welfare, so why are you cheering for Biden's decision to prolong our terrorism and right wing welfare?
  3. More on the looting of Jerry Johnson's money Signing the waiver probably seemed like an easy way out at the time, not so much now. "OK, so arrest me, I'm not signing" would have been a better response. Among other benefits, it would immediately raise the question: arrest him for what? There was no evidence of any crime, nor has any emerged since.
  4. Biden's Gun-Limitation Schemes Make a Mockery of His 'Unity' Message Which is no surprise at all. "You must like murder so we will take your property, and by the way, quit being so divisive" is as persuasive as ever.
  5. Police don't have rights in Maryland any more So that's nice.
  6. I'm also a fan of breaking bad laws but even better would be to vote for people who would repeal them. Overcriminalization Killed Daunte Wright
  7. I'm saying that there was an obvious problem and we fixed it the first damn time that we realized we had a problem, in a way that didn't trample on farmers' ability to purchase their version of the precious. I have yet to hear tell of fertilizer confiscation programs. 1. I doubt the problem is "fixed" because I know that fertilizer and diesel fuel can still be acquired by farmers and crazies alike, it's just a bit more trouble. 2. There have been no legislative proposals or constitutional amendments to make this the last generation that can legally possess diesel fuel or fertili
  8. Yes, delaying the agreed upon withdrawal date of May 1 seems to be just a PR stunt. There's no reason to believe we'll accomplish anything useful in a few more months. The announced delay is already having negative consequences.
  9. Kentucky Law Limits Use Of No-Knock Warrants, A Year After Breonna Taylor's Killing Good for KY
  10. So when the Massachusetts Supreme Court said that the second amendment only applies to 18th century technology, were they being conservative, or what? I'm glad the US Supreme Court unanimously reversed that nonsense. The principles of the first amendment and fourth amendment apply to modern tech as it comes along. Why would the second amendment be any different?
  11. Legalizing Steaks in Colorado Where's the beef? It's wandering around over there, hang on...
  12. I'm not sure what you're talking about. Do you mean "setting up" as in configuring the brace to be fired from the shoulder? Or are you saying that the act of putting it to your shoulder itself is setting it up? The ATF's answers to both those questions can be found at the link I provided. Do I have to spoon feed you like you're jocal or TeamD Ranger or something?
  13. Necessary, Appropriate, or Advisable Blow Jobs
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