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  1. The Crusade Against Pornhub Is Going to Get Someone Killed
  2. I think anything related to the production, distribution, or sale of chocolate should be "infrastructure" because hey, infrastructure is just whatever makes me feel good. It's an important redefinition. It leads to some weird places, though. Immigration policy changes are infrastructure plans requiring environmental review.
  3. I guess push came to shove. FDA Reverses Course on Abortion Drugs by Mail
  4. A Defense Witness Says the Cops Who Pinned George Floyd to the Pavement Were Not Using Force (Not The Onion)
  5. Florida taking another step toward becoming Somalia
  6. Hmmm... so only four boats stayed out after the lightning started and mine was one of the four. #iamfloridaman From the article linked above: Umm... I'm really not from Englewood but I did say something like that to her. We were surveying more by feel than by sight and that's how I found the one clam I found. The guy with me was also feeling around on the bottom so I'm guessing he found them using the braille method too. And it's really not true that we get 18 months of summer per year but it sometimes feels that way in August. The 2020 sea
  7. Meet the new boss... After Promising To Stop Land Buybacks, the Biden Administration Just Boughtback This Family's Property for a Border Wall The Biden administration has dropped some of the land buyback cases So that's nice, unless you're the Cavasos family.
  8. OK, here's an example of my concern over Duopoly warmongering from four years ago. With apologies to Bus Driver, but he did ask. Now, you say our presence is terrorism and right wing welfare, so why are you cheering for Biden's decision to prolong our terrorism and right wing welfare?
  9. I forgot to apologize for the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading I posted. Sorry as usual. But you say our presence is terrorism and right wing welfare, so why are you cheering for Biden's decision to prolong our terrorism and right wing welfare?
  10. More on the looting of Jerry Johnson's money Signing the waiver probably seemed like an easy way out at the time, not so much now. "OK, so arrest me, I'm not signing" would have been a better response. Among other benefits, it would immediately raise the question: arrest him for what? There was no evidence of any crime, nor has any emerged since.
  11. Biden's Gun-Limitation Schemes Make a Mockery of His 'Unity' Message Which is no surprise at all. "You must like murder so we will take your property, and by the way, quit being so divisive" is as persuasive as ever.
  12. Police don't have rights in Maryland any more So that's nice.
  13. I'm also a fan of breaking bad laws but even better would be to vote for people who would repeal them. Overcriminalization Killed Daunte Wright
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