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  1. No. All bone. Good catching Actually there used to be a good sized industry here, catching and cleaning and exporting them to Cuba. This was back when Cuba had money. Now they're just for catching. Above about 40 inches you're not even allowed to remove them from the water at all, they must be released in the water. Smaller ones can be brought aboard to unhook and then released. A big one like my neighbor hooked can be a dangerous critter to release. They have sharp gill plates and open them out when they shake their heads. Like having two meat cleavers mounted on a shaking
  2. Went down to the creek to watch the sun set yesterday and a neighbor was down there with a little baitcasting rod (like you'd use to fish for bass around here). He was casting a lure, hoping for one of the snook or small tarpon feeding on the surface. Suddenly, the surface erupted 15 yards or so off the dock as he hooked a tarpon that was probably 80 lbs or more. I started frantically trying to extract my phone from my pocket. Missed the first couple of jumps. Often, that's all the jumps you get, but I kept the camera pointed at the creek and got this: OK, so you can't see much
  3. Watch a Cop Intentionally Damage a Car While Executing a Search Warrant
  4. Working one's own land is a gentleman's pleasure, working someone else's land isn't even the pleasure of an ox. I must not be much of a gentleman because even I don't like it in August. Except for the swim in the pond part, but that's not working. But getting back to the thread topic: CDC Bullshitters Lose In Court For Fifth Time
  5. Please reply, about your disinformation, in the appropriate thread. I did. As you well know, you can get away with trying to hijack the Hillary thread and make it about guns. As you also know, the gungrabby chorus who ignore what you do will have a cow if I do the same thing. Besides, this is the thread you were referencing (without a link for context) and it's the one where the information about guns in MLK's house was posted.
  6. Which do you think is a more appropriate militia weapon, an AR15 or something we know is constitutionally protected like Dick Heller's 9 round .22 revolver?
  7. I doubt they wanted 7.7 million comments from one person.
  8. But getting back to the more normal course of Qualified Impunity events... Cops Receive Qualified Immunity for Coercing a 13-Year-Old Into Confessing to a Murder He Didn't Commit He'd have been allowed to sue if only they tortured him a bit longer.
  9. Cops Who Killed a Man While Holding Him in a Hog-Tie Position Got Qualified Immunity. The Appeals Court Wasn't Having It. Not quite clearly established enough for the lower court but at least the appeals court was able to figure it out.
  10. Florida Legislators Exempt Their Favorite Companies From Social Media Bill I hope Szóka is right about that.
  11. Mississippi Cops Protect Kidnapped Baby The car got stuck in the median and was going nowhere. A bystander took video.
  12. California asserts that 18 to 20 year old infants had a duty to keep and bear arms in Founding Era militias, but no right to buy them. What a buncha doody. I suspect they'd see that if the question of letting 18-20 year old infants vote came up.
  13. Sex Trafficking Karma It would be slightly funnier if he were named Mike.
  14. To be accurate, they took "10 cell phones and computers". But, no matter how they are divvied up, that seems a bit..........suspicious. It does? In our household are two iPads, two laptops, four desktops, two cellphones, and a few old Windoze 98 machines my dad used to use, so 13 that I can think of. Didn't even know I was being suspicious! Fake news, since retracted.
  15. . I guess you're reacting to the quoted topic post? You know, hijacking threads and making them about guns is sometimes considered bad around here. Oh, wait, that's right. You're TeamD/grabby, thus can do no wrong.
  16. The Long Island town of Southold must really hate hardware. (Edited to correct archaic language usage.) Remnants of old homes and greenhouses can be dangerous places. I suspect that if the town succeeds in buyingback the Brinkmanns' property, they'll need a fence to protect the public from the dangers of this "passive park."
  17. Pretty laughable incompetence from the FCC there.
  18. Thanks. Come on down some August and I'll make you happier than you can imagine! I have a long list of problems that seem bigger to me but what you're talking about does happen to an astonishing degree. I've seen evidence of it from tenants who are surprised that I clean a property before showing it, are surprised that I fix stuff when they call to say it's broken, and the most direct evidence when I've looked for properties to buy and found neglect that would cost tens of thousands to remedy to bring a property up to my (not really all that high) standards. In the worst ca
  19. Sorry to hear it but the nightmare stories I have read about other states where eviction can take a really long time prove to me that most tenants are good. In those states, any tenant could take advantage and there would soon be no rental market at all. The fact that I'm reading these stories from landlords in those states tells me most are not like that.
  20. It takes about a month for my lawyer, or did prior to the panicdemic moratorium. That's way better than a lot of states, where it can and does drag on for years. Unless the "muscle" in question is the Sheriff and you've gone through the court first, you'll be arrested and fined at the very least.
  21. Or maybe amendments demanded by looting cops will gut the reform. Or maybe not. Arizona Governor Signs Important Forfeiture Reform Bill
  22. The Supreme Court did something kind of interesting in Mr. Oliva's case. "Because the 5th Circuit got it right and all those other circuit courts got it wrong" is not really the best answer to that kind of question.
  23. Have a little patience. The emergency related to the Iranian hostage crisis is still going on. Sometimes it takes a while for an emergency to subside. Any decade now!
  24. If? Some battlefield .22's unquestionably did "get negotiated" onto the list. See here for the Senate version and here for the House one. By the way, everyone likes to be in on a secret, so I should inform you that are all listed by name on pages linked to those. They're really bad at keeping a secret. You'll be pleased to learn that lots of hanguns also "got negotiated" onto those lists. You may be chagrined to learn that the proposals don't involve confiscation and only paranoid and delusional people think that could be a goal here.
  25. "We didn't hear evidence but conclude that those who did got it wrong." Really? Either way, Justice Thomas says If I knew that waterskiiing was "incident to military service" I might have signed up.
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