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  1. No one ever thought that wise, which is why there's an amendment process. It's just easier to say that (abortion, weed, guns, indigenous California toads, etc) affect interstate commerce and are therefore federal matters.
  2. But it is. Gonzales v Carhart Justice Thomas wrote a concurrence that was about as short as they come: At the time, Congressman Ron Paul wrote an editorial saying that he viewed that law as going beyond the bounds of the commerce power but was voting for it anyway for the same reason any politician usually votes to exceed his powers: it was soooo important. I never bought that excuse from him because I'll never buy it from anyone else.
  3. Do you recall any rules about pointing guns at people? Or at cameras that have people next to them? Lots of rules were broken here and actors sometimes have to do things that would ordinarily violate one or more of the four main rules of shooting. But even with the apparently sloppy management and even with a loaded gun in the hands of an actor, following that one rule would have saved a life.
  4. Most would probably know that it's "free rein" and might also know about exceptions for dangerous and unusual weapons. You know, like stun guns. I agree that the 2nd is subject to interpretation. It's meant to protect the ability of the People to arm ourselves, but with what? Well, weapons suitable for militia use would be the most sensible answer. So which weapons are those? I think M-16's and "the like" (meaning battlefield .22's) are most suitable, though I guess Dick Heller's 9 round .22 revolver would work in a pinch. Or a nincomcoup. So which weapons do you think deserve t
  5. There we go. I was waiting for this thread to start to turn controversial and ugly. How do you hang an anchor off that bow? And retrieve it? And what kind(s) of anchors should a literal combat ship carry?
  6. Looking back fondly... Architects of New York’s Gun Control Disgraced with Corruption The first to go was State Assembly Speaker (D) Sheldon Silver. He was found guilty by a jury in November of 2015, successfully appealed, and was found guilty again, in a second trial, on 11 May, 2018. From justice.gov: Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, announced today that former New York State Assembly Speaker SHELDON SILVER was sentenced this afternoon to seven years in prison after having been found guilty a sec
  7. People from lots of places have good reasons to distrust banks and governments and they bring that with them. They accumulate and deal in cash, including capital purchases. That's why lots of them wind up in the asset forfeiture thread. We have our own way of teaching them to continue the policy of distrust.
  8. It's pretty rare for a judge to be a former public defender. Much more common for judges to be former prosecutors. We could use more like her.
  9. Don't dis Joe like that! He'd never carry a gun outdoors! The very idea! The stump was indoors, where guns are allowed, or he could not have shot it.
  10. He's shooting a battlefield .22 in the picture. The ears are there for the loud guns. I see Joe's spreading all kinds of lies again. I don't count rounds and nobody was drinking, but we were shooting beer cans, which I guess is bad.
  11. By using it, you legitimize it and make it more effective against abortion. Proving once again that nothing, not even abortion, ranks as high on the TeamD goal chart as gungrabbing. I hope the authoritarian cunts lose both battles and people can still get abortions and we don't wind up with another dangerously stupid, ineffective prohibition program.
  12. Justice Roberts says it can be found, if you look hard enough, in the power to tax. Oddly, it could not seem to be found in the power to regulate interstate commerce.
  13. A well-earned tip of me Cap'ns hat to both you folks that held up your ends of the deal. But it's an unusual situation and those make the worst laws. As above if having a bank account and photo ID is beyond your reach or ambition, what do you bring to the table? Actually, it's more the rule than the exception. The whole business model would fall apart if most of these people didn't pay. Most do. Probably more than half without bank accounts. They bring money to the table. Regularly. It's not a random group. These are all poor people with little hope of ever owning pr
  14. What's well regulated about... people? And why didn't they just say "people"? I asked you first, so answer. What is well regulated about Jack Miller, Dick Heller, and Otis McDonald? And they did just say "the people" but in a part of the amendment that is never read by TeamD/grabby types.
  15. My wife read the union rules about such things. The gun should have been checked upon giving it to him, but after accepting it (unchecked) he should also check it. And then treat it like a real gun, as in never pointing at anyone. They do point guns right at cameras, but only after everyone is out of the vicinity of the camera. They broke every other gun safety rule, but just observing those two would have saved a life.
  16. FIFY. Admit that the 2A says well regulated militia? Or just ask a silly question and continue to deny that it applies to the people. It does, which is why you ignored the first part of my post.
  17. I think the idea is that accepting them will result in more trying the Gulf Stream in increasingly inappropriate craft and dying in the attempt. So we're protecting them from themselves. And preventing another Mariel surge. Also, those Human Rights Watch people quoted above are just whiny snowflakes and the Cuban government is benign and provides great health care, so those people hardly need protection, except maybe against US imperialists.
  18. I have some of the Great Unbanked as my customers. They send money orders. Contrary to your assertion, some of them do it routinely and responsibly for 15 years, after which they own property free and clear and I have to send out some final Satisfaction of Mortgage paperwork. There's some on my desk right now, going out today to a guy who probably never would have owned his own property any other way. When the envelopes came, they looked like a first grader wrote them. Often, stuff that should be on one address line was on the next, so the bottom line read (barely): Road Punta Gorda,
  19. ‘Rust’ crew describes on-set gun safety issues and misfires days before fatal shooting When you have people walking off their jobs and saying stuff like that, there's a problem with the producers, including Baldwin. Who could have guessed that grabbers would not be responsible gun owners?
  20. Some are saying there is precedent for that in that you, or I, could sue a company for polluting our water under the clean water act. It's not just environmental rules and the problem with the TX law isn't the vigilante justice aspect of it alone.
  21. It never should be. Apparently, the real procedure is: the prop guy/armorer shows the gun to the actor(s), director, camera operators, and everyone else, demonstrating whether it has dummy rounds or blanks. The actor then treats it like any other gun, including NEVER pointing it at anyone. If he has to point it at a camera, no one should be near that camera. Other standard procedures include not working people to exhaustion because tired people fuck up. Also apparently not followed.
  22. I've used them and see the utility and the source of the name "chop saw." If you have one handy and just want a piece off a board, it's great. Never quite wanted one badly enough to buy it but I like messing with baseboard and getting one while helping out a friend is a good deal. The sliding mechanism on mine is suspiciously similar to a radial arm saw. That was the only tool I was not allowed to touch when I worked in a cabinet shop as a kid. I mostly keep it locked. You don't know what you're missing with nail guns. And in corners where the nail gun won't fit and you can'
  23. You probably can't, unless you look into $howing cau$e to just the right person in the right way. But you hardly seem like the type who would do that. Things could change though. Specifically, starting the Wednesday after next... This. Even if you had to shoot someone, looking his mother in the eye later is not going to be easy.
  24. Gun Rights Activists Join Abortion Rights Activists To Fight Texas Abortion Law Not sure where they got the idea that frustrated grabbers, unable to adequately ban and confiscate guns, might try to sue the industry out of existence.
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