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  1. Hong Kong police raid Apple Daily office, editor-in-chief among 5 arrested under national security law over articles It would be nice if their pre$$ corporation$ could just say, "Fuck you! First amendment!"
  2. Connecticut Legislature Passes Bill To Legalize Recreational Marijuana Sounds like a good start. Meanwhile, California is being California Those of us who are familiar with the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 understand that heavy taxation operates as defacto prohibition and so won't displace the black market.
  3. The new Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center! That's a county commissioner at the podium, a Sailing Anarchist who runs the Charlotte Harbor Regatta in the foreground, and our fearless leader Dennis just behind his shoulder. The pavilion is not part of the Center, just a park addition. The pole barn at left and the building at right in the background are for our boats and our stuff. They're moving some of the boats from another board member's yard today. I think we'll get to the ones in my yard this weekend.
  4. Good article. I think gun prohibition works about as well as our other prohibition experiments, but that's not really the topic here, is it? As for this part: I was in elementary school when libertarians first started asking that question, and we have been ever since. What takes some people a year or two takes others 5 decades.
  5. This has already been done in US v Stewart. I think Justice Thomas got the Raich case right, but no one joined his dissent. It was pretty fun watching TeamR players defending Wickard v Filburn back in the 2000's because the stupid drug war depended on it.
  6. Just taking a look at the Gungrabby Archives. You could tell me which two shootings were "horrific" but you haven't. I suspect this is because you know exactly why they're not politically convenient for gungrabby purposes. So... On to the 7th of June. Mass Shooting In Ohio Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting In Florida Wow, one was actually domestic violence! Mass Shooting In Texas Stupid late night at a bar drive by Mass Shooting In Tennessee The mother was reticent about identifying her dead son. Wait
  7. Rifling was invented in the 15th century but colonial muskets were smooth bore. Do Aussie museums really need to display antique guns with firing pins removed? Or would a better question (that no one will answer) why do Aussie grabbers need to take them?
  8. Hi from 2016, Olsonist. Of course, Nixon didn't invent lying and dividing people just to get more power for government. He was following in Anslinger's footsteps...
  9. There were 22 mass shootings from June 6 through June 12, so I'm not sure which two you mean. Mass Shooting In Chicago Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting In Utah Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting in California Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting In Florida Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting In Ohio Stupid drug war drive-by. Mass Shooting in North Carolina At last, one that's not a stupid drug war drive by. Late night at a large party is a variation
  10. Repealing the 2002 AUMF Won't Be Enough To End Forever Wars It's a start I suppose.
  11. In other DeSantis doing dumb stuff news, Florida sending officers for border help in Texas, Arizona My reaction is: if we don't need them here, fire them. If we do, don't send them to do the federal government's job.
  12. Your suggestion would be both uncalled-for and unsafe, but I did do a bit of research by asking one of them if he knew when people decided not to call him on the phone. He just looked at me funny and changed the subject. I guess he's not qualified to be a psychic cop.
  13. In talking about math without a license news, Retired Engineer Offers Free Expert Testimony for Flood Victims. Licensing Officials Threaten Him With Criminal Charges. I hope that one goes the same way as the suit on behalf of Mats Järlström, who was similarly targeted for doing math without a license. Shortly thereafter, the people targeting him decided his math was right and officially adopted it.
  14. This thread is about mass shootings. Not mass murders. Is English not your first language? From the professional cherry pickers... This thread is about mass shootings. Not mass murders. Is English not Bloomietown's first language?
  15. People who don't breathe die. This is about mass shootings. Not mass murders. Is English not your first language? Perhaps that explains your unawareness of Canadian mass shootings.
  16. I was sorta kidding about that part but appreciate the offer. Not sure if we're really moving boats Friday or not but I'll find out tomorrow at the ceremony what the plan is going to be. On this date last year, we had a Kids Camp going. I know we're going to try to get some kids out sailing this summer but if dates have been set I haven't seen them yet.
  17. It probably won't, but I thought the thread topic was 260 mass shootings in 160 days? As I said, I'm one of very few who actually care enough to look into those individually and most of them seem to be gang drive-by's, after which no one wants to tell the police they saw anything. Drug war violence, not unlike alcohol prohibition violence. My SOLution won't deal with the other large group of mass shootings: late night at a bar ones. Ending alcohol prohibition only ended some problems with alcohol, not all. As for the politically convenient kind of shootings you're talking about, they
  18. To reduce "mass" shootings? Same as it was back on page 1 of this thread:
  19. Congress Weighs a Moratorium on Facial Recognition and Biometric Surveillance Technologies
  20. This frivolous argument actually won in the Massachusetts Supreme Court but the US Supreme Court unanimously said no.
  21. In local news, tomorrow at 3 pm is the ribbon cutting ceremony for the new Charlotte Harbor Community Sailing Center facility in the Port Charlotte Beach Complex. I'm guessing it was a northern transplant who figured out that 3 pm on a June afternoon was a good time to do anything outdoors. Anyway, I'll be there, possibly with a Stray Goat in tow. I hope other sailors in the area will show up to support the Center. Friday at 7 am I guess we'll start removing the fleet from my driveway and putting it back at the Center. I hope other sailors in the area will show up to lug heavy stuff aroun
  22. That at least makes more sense but I'd say 1,000 ft to avoid moving existing signs. You're a bit behind the times. Several of my neighbors who bought pieces of the old orange grove from my family have installed gates. I don't think people in places like Charlotte Park and Riverside have a choice. Not sure how many pump stations I'd have to install to get sewage all the way from my houses to the road. That's every property. Hard to get 1,000 ft from some seasonal puddle that's adjacent to navigable water. So the basis is that you think (without researching it) th
  23. How about museums? I guess you didn't read the article. They DID remove firing pins. That wasn't enough for grabbers. You seemed to think that removing the firing pins would be OK until I pointed out that the firing pins were already removed and still your grabbers went after museum collections. If it were common sense, someone would have pointed out the problems that have been caused by these museum collections. No one has. Will you be the first?
  24. Senate Bill Would Ban Judges from Using Acquitted Conduct at Sentencing I hope it makes it into law.
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