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  1. It's an offbeat idea but at least getting a little notice. Of course, ideas backed by powerful politicians have a lot better chance. In that area, we have: DO SOMETHING About Big Tech (but leave harmless little MegaLoMart and Target alone) Hmm... so protecting the little guy turns out to mean protecting MegaLoMart and Target? Let's get back to that "do nothing" idea.
  2. How many times is it going to take before you realize that I'm not like you and so I never post anything I have not read? Jeez you're slow. Yes, his broad strokes are in support of, and supported by, the distinguished historian Bellesiles. I guess quoting him seemed clever in 1998. It doesn't any more. As for his idea of quoting federalist 29 and clipping out the part that directly contradicts what he was saying? That can't really have seemed clever even in 1998 and seems bogus today too.
  3. You don't bring up idea that the People have the right to keep and bear arms. It's like it doesn't appear anywhere and you aren't referencing it. Do you hold your hand up to the screen covering the right side when you read it?
  4. Instead? The wall is still pending, at least if you're the Cavasos family. After Promising To Stop Land Buybacks, the Biden Administration Just Boughtback This Family's Property for a Border Wall
  5. The Hidden History of the 2nd Amendment Hah! Just kidding. Of course those are the parts of Federalist 29 that should remain hidden and NOT the parts quoted in the article.
  6. University of Florida Bans Professors From Testifying Against State Voting Law Oops. Wait. That's not the reason. There we go. That's the reason. And that's why it's a crappy reason.
  7. There's lots of good news around the country as cookies are legalized but those darn soup kitchens keep feeding hungry people and it just has to stop! Oregon Town Bans Church Soup Kitchens From Serving Meals More Than 2 Days a Week
  8. Heck no! That's the part that means that battlefield .22's and other weapons that are "part of the ordinary military equipment" deserve the highest level of second amendment protection. Why would I want to abandon that protection?
  9. Justice Department Charges a Steele Dossier Source With Lying to the FBI What Horowitz found has led me to believe that the FBI could tighten things up a bit just by hiring Alec Baldwin's armorer or someone similarly devoted to following proper procedures. Hey, any upgrade would help.
  10. Note: Joe is clueless as usual. Here's what they really think: Save America—Reject Libertarianism It's one of those things on which there's blessed bipartisan unity, particularly among the most partisan fuckwits.
  11. In Bivens news, SCOTUS has agreed to hear Egbert v. Boule
  12. Yes, in August, but much like Gene Sperling and Joe Biden, I knew it was unconstitutional before Biden adopted it. A brief history of the eviction moratoriums so far.
  13. You sure seemed concerned with the lack of what would, in your view, be adequate training and pretty appalled by the idea that just checking in to see whether The People have battlefield .22's or other appropriate military equipment could be considered adequate by Publius. Why? What does any of it have to do with the right of the People to keep and bear arms?
  14. As a lessor, at least he probably wouldn't go for the unconstitutional Trump/Biden eviction moratorium.
  15. Three Cops in Three States Caught Planting Drugs on Innocent People have not been Charged It never ends.
  16. Wow, a drug war looting story with a happy ending! If more of these looting cases ended with a full refund plus a settlement, the profit would go out of the looting pretty quick and it would stop. If only...
  17. HENS Rejoice in St. Paul Um.. yeah, a ballot initiative that clearly violates the city charter just might become part of a legal challenge. Even assuming that's unsuccessful, "calling this bluff" is not likely to end well. I know what I'd do in response. I have to go get an easement notarized for a duplex I'm building today. I think I'd play with my golf cart and abandon the project instead if faced with meddlesome fucks who think I'm building their duplex, not mine.
  18. I decided to try out the ePropulsion Spirit on my little aluminum boat. My dad bought this boat new before I was born. I've operated it with a 3, a 3.5, a 5, an 8, a 9.9, a 10, and a 15 hp outboard over the years. After I went back to the house to fetch the magnetic kill switch, it worked perfectly. Went 5 knots at full power. That's not quite equivalent to a 3 hp gas engine, but very close. Should be plenty of power for the Picnic Cat. On the shaft length question, the salesman told me that XS (extra short) is what all other engines call S, or short. An ePropulsion
  19. Reading the tea leaves Seems like a good guess to me. In the context of any other protected right, lots of people would be able to see how giving cops discretion over who gets to exercise the right is going to result in racist outcomes. Always has, always will. In the context of this right, I expect at least some of the Supreme Court to see things that way. The discretion that allowed a sheriff to deny MLK's permit for obviously racist reasons has to go.
  20. This truck driver just beat New Jersey’s most powerful lawmaker Considering that CWP holders are convicted of violent crimes at a lower rate than cops, I wonder if any TeamD players are now starting to think maybe it would have been better to just give the guy a permit? Nah.
  21. I've got that one beat. Used a single vise grip as the steering wheel on a little speedboat as a kid. At the other end, the steering rod was connected to the engine via a jury rig involving very thick surgical tubing. It would occasionally pop off. When I was looking for parts and described the system to an older guy in a marine store, he got an increasingly worried look on his face and finally just said, "I wouldn't do that." My buddy and I cracked up and to this day we quote that line when appropriate.
  22. My wife was binge watching that recently so I was exposed to quite a bit of it. Pretty good show!
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