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  1. KentuckyWired and other broadband boondoggles
  2. The Liberal Gun Club on outdoor militias
  3. Trump's 'Big Tech' Lawsuits Are Stupendous Or something that begins with stu anyway. Sorry as usual about the Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleading.
  4. 2nd dumbest. The title spot goes to Dade County, FL drivers. I like it when an autopilot can drive a boat or fly a plane better than I can and can't wait until I'm trusting some engineer, not the Florida Man in the car next to me, to avoid disaster.
  5. New York landlords ask SCOTUS to block state eviction moratorium The PANIC may be over but the powers that came with it are more enduring.
  6. That argument has made its way to court. Landlords Suing Over Lost Rent Edited to correct archaic language usage.
  7. That's nice. A clean fact check record would, of course, be nicer, but MSNBC can only aspire to the level of credibility attained by Koch-$pon$ored Trump cheerleaders.
  8. Well, it took almost two years since I started this thread, but the Stray Goat headed home with her new owner, Jennifer, the other day. Yes, the remains of the Bolger Folding Schooner are still there. Sold the rig a couple of years ago to another Folding Schooner owner.
  9. Overall, we rate MSNBC Left Biased based on story selection that consistently favors the establishment left. We also rate them Mixed for factual reporting due to news hosts and the website producing 3 pants on fire claims. Debunked, like I said. Both could do better. For example, Overall, we rate Reason Magazine Right-Center biased based on story selection that favors Libertarian positions and High for factual reporting due to mostly proper sourcing, and a clean fact check record.
  10. Searching in thread titles for the professor's favorite word was helpful. I guess.
  11. EFF Suing USPS Why is the postal service looking at our social media posts? They won't say, but should still fuck off and show us their wives' and/or girlfriends' tits.
  12. Another stupid drug war no-knock raid on the wrong house. Texas Cops Realized They Raided the Wrong House. They Kept Searching Anyway. So we'll see what the 5th Circuit has to say. Given their record, Basco should not be optimistic.
  13. A white peacock showed up in my yard.
  14. Cedar Point Nursery v. Hassid Holding: A California regulation granting labor organizations a “right to take access” to an agricultural employer’s property to solicit support for unionization constitutes a per se physical buyback. Judgment: Reversed and remanded, 6-3, in an opinion by Chief Justice Roberts on June 23, 2021. Justice Kavanaugh filed a concurring opinion. Justice Breyer filed a dissenting opinion, in which Justices Sotomayor and Kagan joined. Hmm... I haven't read the opinions yet but I wonder how they dealt with this?
  15. Yes? What can I do for you?
  16. Landlords Suing Over Lost Rent Edited to correct archaic language usage.
  17. About those secret warrants used for FBI looting of safe deposit boxes Glad to see Reason exercising its corporate first amendment right to expre$$ itself by suing.
  18. So Law Enforcement Today doesn't seem to have the three "pants on fire" ratings claimed by the completely, utterly, and thoroughly debunked MSNBC.
  19. Gun mass actually works the other way. Think of it like this: you fire a .357 round from a small, lightweight gun then fire an identical round from a big, heavy gun. Which one is going to hit your hand harder?
  20. Perhaps if we quit harassing Olympic medalists when they buy ammo or quit trying to take their guns away, maybe even quit pretending they have anything to do with "mass" shootings, they could do better? They'll likely quickly figure out what NY and NJ have figured out: that the $1 fee isn't much of a deterrent to poor people and it should cost hundreds of dollars to make sure only the right people exercise their rights. From a 2016 thread:
  21. Unlicensed Dog Grooming Alarms Local News Reporter It turns out we're all living in Somalia, as no state requires occupational licensing for dog groomers. The horror.
  22. Careful, they'll start cutting the kids in half.
  23. A conservative porn star? The horror. At least real conservatives know who to blame!
  24. How Drug Warriors Made the 'Opioid Epidemic' Deadlier Here's the thing, Puritans: people are going to use mind altering substances for fun. It's not a great idea, but it's a popular one and laws won't change it.
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