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  1. Cook county has lots of people but doesn't have a gun range, so I guess they're not fans of training. The results are in.
  2. Bah. We have randumbly-approved information on this subject. They're only "said to be used" by those who don't understand the pure evil of Joooz with nanothermite.
  3. Weird that randumb wants to help Dubya so much.
  4. Florida Anti-Riot Law 'Violates the First Amendment,' Says Court in Scathing Rebuke of Gov. Ron DeSantis DeSantis lost round one but this will go on for a while.
  5. Pennsylvania's Liquor Control Board Succeeds Again So much winning.
  6. If it would help, I could print this out and tape it up over a urinal so peers could review it.
  7. Helps show that you’re nuttier than I previously thought. I still wonder what's nutty about calling out randumb for his support of the 911 Truthers? Do you actually believe the shit he buys into?
  8. So you bullshitted, normal for you. You deliberately deleted any quote reference, because there was none. I deleted nothing and don't know what you're rambling about. I just said that you believe in A&E 4 911 Truth and provided a quote proving it. Super. I did. And they said this: and this: Since you've said several supportive things about them, and never said anything negative about any of their findings, I continue to assume you support them. I continue to be amused by it too. They're fuckin
  9. That came from a research group about which you had this to say: So do you continue to believe that A&E for Truth has "more science than the official narrative" when it comes to the press release from them I quoted?
  10. http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/0/05/Suicide-deaths-per-100000-trend.jpg Must be the guns.
  11. White House Offers Clemency for Drug Offenders on Home Confinement, but Advocates Say Plan Will Still Send Thousands Back to Prison Clemency is a piecemeal approach. We should just stop locking up non-violent drug users in the first place.
  12. Ran across this on FB. Whack 'em and stack 'em.
  13. The Justice Department May Have Found a Winning Argument Against the Texas Abortion Law
  14. Yes, the first amendment means billboard$ too
  15. Some of them, yes. While nukes would probably be considered "dangerous and unusual," and thus not protected, weapons of mass destruction such as battlefield .22's are "part of the ordinary military equipment" and unquestionably protected for that reason.
  16. Court Says Panicdemic Can No Longer Justify Immediate Expulsion of Migrant Families I thought Biden was very busy reversing, not expanding, Trump's actions?
  17. OK, you're still wrong under the law, but how about legal immigrants? Seems like part of The People to me.
  18. But we have lots of randumbly approved answers. For example,
  19. Two days ago was the 12 year anniversary of an important victory over bogus blight buybacks in Long Branch, NJ. Looking back.
  20. House Democrats' Tax Bill Lavishes Subsidies on Local News Well, that's how it should be defined anyway.
  21. Willful ignorance, considering that there's randumbly approved information on the WTC demolitions.
  22. Tom? We can bring the rigors of modern political science to bear to evaluate this. Overall, we rate Al Jazeera Left-Center biased, based on story selection that slightly favors the left and Mixed for factual reporting due to failed fact checks that were not corrected and misleading extreme editorial bias that favors Qatar. So, debunked. Reason, OTOH, Overall, we rate Reason Magazine Right-Center biased based on story selection that favors Libertarian positions and High for factual reporting due to mostly proper sourcing, and a clean fact check record. Lots of peo
  23. Afghanistan and the Anti-Liberal Right There is a distinct whiff of "gotta hand it to the Taliban" in places...
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